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  1. Stop telling your stupid story about the desert and just die already!

  2. Murder isn't working and that's all we're good at!

  3. "Here, Leela. Take this gun and use it to shoot those guys."

  4. Is this also the episode where Fry's pocket butter melts?

  5. Drugs are for losers, and hypnosis is for losers with big weird eyebrows

  6. Hit them with starbits and they turn to coins...iirc

  7. Futurama had a LOT of really deep cut guest voices. Al gore is probably my favorite get, followed closely by Stephen hawking.

  8. Al Gore was an easy get, his daughter wrote for the show

  9. Really? I never knew that. I always wondered how they landed someone like that several times.

  10. 100% more skeletons. Like they are swarming your guy there

  11. I'd kill to see anything new with Luigi's Mansion

  12. What's her hangup with circumcision? They never specify so I assume it was a culture thing that everyone just knew back in the day

  13. I don't like, nobody I've ever met liked it..lots of people prefer's not a generational thing

  14. Mario wears blue overalls... Why would he say white pants of piece?

  15. He speaks for his "country", it is a metaphor..not to be taken literally

  16. Cartoon food is always way better than real food

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