1. I ordered the k15 thermal paste/putty that guy recommended me and imma apply it tomorrow and see how it goes

  2. I’ve never heard of k15 thermal paste before. Best of luck tho. Please keep me updated with the temps since im considering doing the same thing

  3. So far so good, did some heavy gaming while running discord and music in the back and was around 80-85 c, I think it’s pretty good. I just reused the LM for the gpu, I moved it around bc it looked stale so I moved it to the center again and turned into liquid and got good results

  4. I was way off. The 4070 is like $3,800. 4090 is over $4,000. Eeek.

  5. What is the max clock speed you get when stress testing?

  6. Can confirm the foam around edges of CPU keeping LM from damaging other components. Application as very poor, decided to not re-apply LM.

  7. Did you end up applying normal thermal paste? How was temperature?

  8. This reminded me of my first LTR. I met him a month before I turned 19, and we spent almost 14 years trying to make it work. hugs

  9. Lowkey hoping lasts till finals so they can be modified.

  10. The final might be changed to multiple choices or something like that, which is not always great for measuring your understanding.

  11. I find the idea of being a sub kinda hot, but I also don’t want to be perceived as being emasculated

  12. Teachers are already mandatory reporters.

  13. Alright. And how would kids know to report to teachers if they don't know what's happening to them is inappropriate? Lol. What a dumb take.

  14. I think that's not quite the point. Sure, grad students know the situation when they join, and you can argue that if students wanted to work a job that made them money they could pick a different career path. But the students that can manage to make it work are usually people coming from places of generational wealth. Plus, there's little safety net if something comes up during the course of their 6 years in the PhD program.

  15. You missed the point a bit here. They pointed out that attending grad students (those who accept an admission offer) tend to be less diverse as a group than admitted grad students (those the university "picks" to offer admission to). There are lots of issues with alleged meritocracy and socioeconomic biases, but this particular problem is the opposite of what you're pointing out.

  16. Nope. I got the exact point which is why I asked for evidence that the supposed decrease in diversity of the grad students is due to the lack of pay.

  17. Two guys can have a baby too with technology and surrogacy.

  18. You're right. I think I just have this urge to be perceived as "normal" and not upsetting my family is all.

  19. You dont have to be out. You can have a bf and still be closeted. You just have to be careful about being seen in public and not tell anyone. It's what I do with my bf, and while it's tiring to try and keep all the lies straight, it's better than being single and alone. My extended family don't know that I'm gay, and I never plan on telling them. My parents know, but only because they're nosy and found out, I didn't tell them.

  20. Hm. Maybe I could do that. Although I'm pretty sure my extended family would assume I'm gay anyway if I don't get married beyond a certain age. I know I shouldn't care but it's hard not to care.

  21. Unfortunately, this is a somewhat common but annoying thing mathematicians do.

  22. I feel like people move away from me after getting to know me for a while.

  23. The initial condition in this case would be free will. That people could make the choices leading up to their slip?

  24. Still not sure what you’re getting at? Free will and all knowing is not contradictory?

  25. If I know how something behaves with certainty, then that thing behaves deterministically

  26. The act of being alive IS experiencing life. You start experiencing life when you pop out of a vag into the real world. You breathe, you smell, you hear and see if you aren't deaf or blind. That's life. Being stuck in someone's body isn't life, especially since you're only in there because you aren't fully formed yet.

  27. So then killing a fetus just before it’s born is also ok? Because it isn’t alive yet according to your definition

  28. No, because at that point it feels pain. I don't consider it moral after around 4 months, but until then, it doesn't really matter.

  29. Well, give it some anesthesia and kill it then. It wouldn’t be experiencing pain and it’s not alive so you aren’t taking any life. That sounds ok?

  30. Butch and femme are historical identities, there's nothing heteronormative about them

  31. How? They're both women, how is that heteronormative? Being masculine =/= man

  32. Because of the dynamics? Did you read the comment?

  33. No, it's not more complex. Most Chinese characters are phono-semantic (形聲), with one component represents the meaning while the other represents the sound. Chữ Nôm simply swap out the Chinese sound component for the Vietnamese one.

  34. I think the "地" example is not the norm. I'd guess the exception here is due to the fact that "đất" is probably just a Vietnamized pronunciation of "địa", which is a Sino-Vietnamese word.

  35. You're right. However, I think the main point still stands that simple Nôm characters need not be the norm.

  36. you’re going to be ok. learn from your mistakes this semester and move on. retake what you need and contact instructors for classes you’re worried about. i fucked up and failed math1b my first semester and now I’m graduating next semester as a math and data science double major. it didn’t stop me from finding internships and research position and i learned a lot about myself in the process of having to reassess my attitude towards school.

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