1. You’re right every time I do a poetry install I spend 9 months reading every line of code from the 20 packages I import to make sure it’s legit!

  2. Sorry, Reddit normally finds duplicates before posting but this time it failed. I honestly even checked

  3. That's the entirety of that particular snippet, but

  4. I remember reading a story with this exact premise, but failed to find it or remember pretty much anything :( except

  5. There's gotta be someone weaker in worm that could handle it. Imp would be a good bet, though electronic surveillance is a bit of a weakness if hers. I'm drawing a blank on other capes with stranger powers though

  6. Nice Guy was my first thought. Electronic surveillance isn't a problem, but traps are.

  7. Curious about your last paragraph. Definitely a fearsome sight. What other evil creatures were put in the void?

  8. Not put into it, but we know Ungoliant came from there and there's no reason to think she's the only one.

  9. Have you recalculated Arwen with the new half-life, though?

  10. I misread it. I thought it was about him realizing he's a character in a story for kids and obviously an antagonist :)

  11. Wow. Of course if this was the case, how long before Contessa just yanks a wizards points at scion and goes

  12. I was thinking about it some more (went on vacation and hate using Reddit on my phone). I stand by her not trying this, but two things which probably do happen:

  13. More than that, she won't try it unless it's guaranteed to work. PtV doesn't just give you the odds like Dinah, it tells you the exact steps to take to achieve the outcome you want.

  14. But she couldn't rely on PtV for this, Scion is a blind spot.

  15. I still don’t understand why that would make eidolon give up. Needing worthy opponents is bad? Huh?

  16. No, but being responsible for the Endbringers is bad.

  17. Well, there is a fic that made Malfoy into a massive Star Wars fan...

  18. Sorry, can't find it. Iirc the name was something like "Whilst I wander on the top of the land".

  19. If we go by the title, the individual doesn't have to be Snape...

  20. This gets even more adorable if he ends up "assisting" with so many CoMC classes that he takes over that position as well.

  21. This year's Hermione-equivalent who hates the assignments being too short: "Hmm..."

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