1. What if anxiety is worse when uncaffinated?

  2. The hit/landing against the bills wasn't much either and makes me suspect there could have been head trauma before that play where he got up and stumbled.

  3. You know what else didn’t look bad, when Dale Sr. hit the wall

  4. That’s why I love being far below average looking, does get lonely at times though

  5. Last time I tried to hit on anyone I was laughed at, so I quit trying, but race doesn’t matter to me.

  6. I shouldn’t have watched it the week after my wife passed away, screw you Kieth from Grief

  7. Aw man I’m so sorry, that just made tear up abit cause I had watched it with my gf of 5 years before we broke up and all I could think about was the two of them but that just broke my heart :/

  8. As an unattractive man you are correct.

  9. Not football, but Todd Bertuzzi on Steve Moore

  10. What about; How You Remind Me, or Hemorrage

  11. The striptease was so good. She really did it well.

  12. Only problem with white is I don’t see him handling orange, he’s not greedy

  13. Throw me down, tie me up, have your way with me.

  14. God Loves, Man Kills; with Stryker as a preacher instead of military.

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