1. Arthur, Lola, Muswell Hillbillies, Everybody's in Show Biz.

  2. if you ever wondered how a self-serving racist twat thinks, here's a perfect example.

  3. Please re-check the reddit rules before you post anything like this, it's just on the one side of acceptable. Yea the guy may be a genuine shitheel, but that doesn't mean it's appropriate - or safe- to blast him on the internet.

  4. Where did I break a rule? I certainly haven’t doxxed anyone. Don’t even know the guy’s name..

  5. You're perilously close to instigating harassment and you know it.

  6. Which part is perilously close to instigating harassment?

  7. Mostly naked.. except Let it be..


  9. With headphones, Pink Floyd’s Wish you were here. With speakers Charles Mingus The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady.

  10. Hello hello hello just killed a man

  11. More or less. They're both the doors' weakest albums

  12. Morrison Hotel is (arguably) their best album. I lean more towards LA Woman nowadays, but Morrison Hotel is up there. The Soft Parade is far from their worst, and the song The Soft Parade is a masterpiece.

  13. At least you got the repeating word framed poster situation resolved

  14. If you have a family, I'm sure premier access is worth it, especially during COVID. I don't, so I honestly don't mind waiting a few months for a premiere title to be added to the regular D+ library. I don't let FOMO get to me, LOL.

  15. I have a family, and I will never pay more to rent a movie than to buy it. I still feel cheated every time I have to tell my kids they have to wait to watch a movie on a service I already pay for.

  16. Alone again(Naturaly) by Gilbert O’Sullivan

  17. I once made a playlist with this song followed by “let them in” by wings.. now my brain thinks those songs are related and I can’t play one without playing the other one.. OCD at its best

  18. Yeah the cheapest I can find for mediocre socks is 60 cents per sock. At 10 cents per sock, OP's wife is saving enough in socks that he should be able to buy whatever he wants.

  19. Have you heard of our lord, St. John Coltrane?

  20. MQA is a licensed, DRM-protected lossy compression format that requires specific hardware to decode. If your DAC isn’t specifically marketed as an MQA-licensed DAC, it’s not able to decode MQA. And when you set your system’s PCM settings to match what the fully decompressed MQA file should be, it’s not actually decompressing the file. It’s playing the 48kHz version and upsampling it after the fact (which technically causes a slight loss of quality).

  21. Thank you so much for your input. I am in no way set on MQA and Tidal. I just want to be able to take full advantage of my equipment and whatever streaming service I end up with. Amazon HD was my first option, and the service worked well for me, but the inability to control what I am listening to from my phone kills it for me. I am in no way a set on any compression file scheme, especially MQA that requires specialized equipment. I gave it a try mainly because I wanted to try Audirvana to be able to control my computer's stream from my phone, I also liked the idea of a visual indicator that whatever file was being played as intended by the streaming service. And because I thought I was getting a good deal on the Pro-ject device that is not working at all for me. I mean, If you buy a device that says it will do MQA, you expect it to do MQA, but as you said, its not even doing that when it says it is. Goodbye Pro-ject device. I am sending it back just as painlessly as it came. I am looking for a solution for my predicament. How do I control a hd stream running on my computer from my phone? I am not familiar with Qobuz, but I am open to it. Does the Qobuz computer application allow the Qobuz mobile application to control it? Thanks again.

  22. As far as I know it’s only Spotify that does that. So Spotify Hifi might work for you when it launches... or you could go another way and just get a dedicated streamer, like a Bluesound Node 2i.

  23. Man your original suggestion of Qobuz really paid off for my setup. I paired it with Audirvana on my Mac, which actually talks to my Outlaw perfectly. Tidal and Audirvana did not do this successfully, with the outlaw or the pro-ject. And I can control it all from my phone. I thank you sir, you are a gentleman.

  24. I think the longest I waited was for De Stijl, but that was because of Covid restrictions. In my experience you are lucky to get it within the first half of the month.

  25. I have this issue on the 900h, among many others. Sony really destroyed their reputation in my eyes with these subpar tvs with "features" that are actually headaches.

  26. I recently made this change myself, and I am not too impressed with AM. Especially how ridiculously cumbersome it is to create/manage playlists. It seems like there is no perfect service yet, but I can say I am thoroughly enjoying my free trial on Tidal. It is also nice to know how easy and painless it is to switch services whenever I want to, given the fact you can take your playlists with you through most if not all of the music streaming service.

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