1. The change is expected to be implemented within two years of the trade deal coming into force, not from signing:

  2. Again, I’m not too worried. We have until August 2024 to apply, and both governments are expecting the implementation within Q1 this year. As I said, I am following this very closely and will be aware of the conditions long before we travel. Also, you’re mistaken. The deal will come into affect 30 days later, or upon a pre agreed date by both parties.

  3. OK, I'm just trying to help and was going on the information that your partner is currently 35. Please could you add a source for the implementation in Q1 this year and the change coming into affect within 30 days, it would be helpful for people in other threads.

  4. It's sort of hard to comment without knowing what visa you are comparing to. The main difference for PR is that it is, obviously, permanent. Meaning you can stay in Australia indefinitely. It also means you're not tied to any employer, can move jobs.

  5. Your spouse gets their own visa letter, they won't be listed on yours. When you log into your immi account you should be able to click on the visa application. Then on the left hand side there's a tab called "visa grant details". Are you both listed in there?

  6. Under "Visa Grant Details", I only see my name listed with all the grant information. Same with messages - there are two for the 'Request for Health Examinations' messages we both received (one for each of us), but only one 'IMMI Grant notification'.

  7. Yeah they won’t be on your visa grant. It will be a separate one. If there’s only one visa grant in messages it sounds like theirs hasn’t been granted yet.

  8. Temporary visa applicants in Australia will still be required to undertake relevant medical examinations and/or chest x-rays if they:

  9. Once you have either of these visas you are a permanent resident and can do whatever you want, there is no obligation to work in the field that got you the visa.

  10. I do have an sponsor already. Hmm, doin' some web designs is part of my portfolio, and don't have any client at all. Do you think, I can't pass my portfolio as my supporting documents?

  11. I'd recommend speaking to a migration agent. If you have an employer sponsoring they will probably have one.

  12. However, is a freelancing job is counted as a relevant experience even though they didn't pay for my taxes?

  13. You can use freelancing as long as it was paid.

  14. Sorry, I just realised I didn't actually answer the question.

  15. I see in your post history you are studying in the U.K. Are you a British citizen? If so, have you looked into the working holiday visa?

  16. Yeah my partner and I have had joint Amex’s, joint ANZ accounts and joint UP bank accounts since we were both on temp visas.

  17. I'm sure you know better than me but to ask an obvious question, are you sure you would have to renounce your US citizenship if you got Dutch citizenship via your mother?

  18. It might be hard to find a short term rental with your friend as most leases are a year. I'd recommend joining facebook groups for backpackers where people post spare rooms etc where you might have better luck with a short term rental.

  19. You need to find your occupation on this list:

  20. The likelihood the visa change will come in this year is zero.

  21. April Jones case was brutal. Growing up the two cases that really fucked me up and basically introduced me to the fact that not all adults are good people and they could harm me were Sarah Payne and later Holly and Jessica. Was older by the time April happened.

  22. Milly Dowler and Sarah Payne literally changed my perception of the world. I went to the same school as Milly two years after she went missing, and travelled to the same train station every day. I thought of her every single time I walked past the spot she was taken from and still do when I’m home.

  23. I got a 6 month contract in the tech industry on a WHV which led to sponsorship. They didn't check I could work beyond the length of the contract.

  24. Barbara is correct, if she leaves Australia she won't be able to reenter Australia unless she has been granted a new visa by the time of your wedding.

  25. Thank you for your reply. Just for my understanding, there's no other reentry visa/permit that anyone on the BVE050 can apply for to allow them to travel out and into Australia again?

  26. Yes. Being on a BVE is pretty serious it's kind of a last chance to get a "proper" visa (where a bridging visa is not a "proper" visa).

  27. I think ti depends what you're going to study. The answer to this question is very different if you're applying for a Masters in addictive behaviours vs a PhD in Mathematics, for example.

  28. Both my parents are French and I can apply for citizenship, but I'd have to wait until 18 because my parents don't want me to apply. I'm also not too sure if I would be able to apply for citizenship through family without their permission even if I'm an adult. Do you happen to know more about that?

  29. Sorry I assumed your mother as my (very very basic) understanding of French citizenship by descent is that if you are over 18 you can only claim if your mother is French, but don't take my word for that.

  30. What if they were born in the US, but my deceased grandparents used to be French citizens?

  31. I would recommend seeking professional advice but I believe it hinges on whether your parents claimed their French citizenship before you were born. If either of your parents had had a French passport before your birth, for example, that would be sufficient evidence.

  32. To move to Australia you need to have an occupation on the skills list:

  33. I think arriving on the 31st should be fine, however keep in mind that if your flight is delayed or cancelled you won’t be able to enter on the 1st Feb. So it’s a risk from that perspective.

  34. It’s a little hard to tell, but is that list saying that’s the number of each profession invitrd or the points needed?

  35. I agree with this. I have encountered issues working in Australia as I was giving an indirect response to things that I KNOW a Brit would understand but the Aussies don't realise. It's on me for not being more direct but it happened multiple times before I realised it was actually my communication as I thought I was being perfectly clear!

  36. Look for bicycle advocacy groups too, depending on your area there are often groups campaigning for safer roads from the perspective of peds and people who cycle

  37. Greg Jenner would be great! I know he mentioned on the taskmaster podcast that he is a mega fan

  38. Reading this comment is what made me realise Greg Jenner and Greg James are not the same person. I thought it was weird that a radio one dj had a history podcast!

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