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  1. All jammies are edible if you're brave enough 🍽🍽

  2. Just used almond extract that expired in '98. Cookies turned out great

  3. What a beauty! My A. Chalcodes is an incredibly great eater but this thread reduces my anxiety should the sassy turd decide food’s a no go. What do you have in that enclosure besides substrate? It looks awesome!

  4. Lol thanks! It's actually a really simple setup. Just a slab or cork for it to burrow under, a water dish, and a few cork chunks scattered about

  5. We named ours Kiwi because we checked on her one evening and all we could see was the lil spood butt sticking out of the burrow she was working on…it looked like a teeny tiny kiwi in a cage 😆

  6. Yesss!!!!! I love the kiwi butts they're so cute

  7. there’s only a few species of mite that attack snakes. if the mite came from a plant it’s probably harmless (to the snake) soil mites. can you provide any more detail about what you are saying?

  8. It's definitely snake mites. They're hiding under the scales and when I smoosh the fat ones there's blood like smacking a mosquito. My new snake dragged them in.

  9. Will a month be good do you think before I return them to the bioactive (that is when I'm 100% sure that the mites are gone from the snakes)

  10. I don't know what it is, but my checkered garter had something similar a few years back. Next shed it was gone and it didn't cause any issues. Make sure to monitor though and yes I second the moist hide idea!

  11. As a comparison, when my baby garter was around 17 inches (I think?) She weighed between 25-30 grams. But I've never had a problem with any way of feeding with my 3 girls. One big food item or lots of little ones, and however many times a week, I've never had any issues. Right now I alternate feeding. I go as much as she wants one day a week, and then a 2nd day during that week where I don't feed her as much. But that's just me :))))

  12. One thing all of my garters ALWAYS do is if they coil up together, like 95% of the time they will their heads right next to each other. Idk if it means anything but it's freaking cute

  13. "Breed means nothing" enthusiasts watching their argument fall apart when border collies and Shepards try herding people and huskies won't come inside in the winter: 😰😰😰

  14. Yeah before I read the caption I 100% would've guess you were a cis woman! And a pretty one at that :))

  15. I constantly see posts like this, but whenever I use Uber its just one or 2 very reasonable fees. This is insane

  16. Hah. I saw this same thing on a conservative Facebook page and they completely left out the context that it was for an open heart surgery.

  17. Wrong... he has just spent the time plotting... keep an eye out for house fires in the near future...

  18. TLDR: she ate paper towel instead of food

  19. My idiot albino checkered tried to eat a giant piece of his paper tissue chunked bedding when he was a baby. He missed his pinky even though I was holding it less than half an inch from his mouth and landed face first in the bedding then decided “Oh well, this paper stuff looks just as good” and tried to swallow a big fat chunk. I managed to pull it out too, but it scared the hell out of me! He’s since grown about 3 brain cells on a good day, but he’ll still happily swallow his sphagnum moss bedding if we let him. I love him so much. 😂

  20. I think they can't see very well and get so worked up over food that they bite the first thing they touch. Cause I feel like albino snakes but ESPECIALLY garters just aren't very bright...

  21. My chalcodes would become a poop hose if I tried this

  22. What I hate is how people like him and Kevin hart and stuff have taken over voice acting. Bring back voice actors! We don't need celebrity voices in animated films!

  23. Light eyes for me. Blue/green/grey etc. I have a big issue with eye contact and it makes me very uncomfortable, and dark eyes make it significantly worse.

  24. That is a fantastic photograph(s)! Is Marilyn a Checkered Garter (Thamnophis marcianus)? Her facial markings are quite dramatic and the excellent photo(s) shows those well.

  25. Yes! She's 6 years old and is an absolute doll, much unlike her roommate.

  26. She's partial to the taste of my hands, and also has a habit of crushing plants

  27. Nice knowing you op, but I want the snake when the venom overtakes you

  28. I'm asexual (will have sex cause I like the intimacy but I don't experience the desire ever) but I'm also a big ole romantic, so although I'd like to have a partner who is the same way, I understand that people have needs that I probnaly can't meet, so as long as I'm aware it's happening, I'd be okay with my partner sleeping with other people. If they did it behind my back I'd still be PISSED though

  29. Most intelligent Kingsnake moments caught on camera

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