AITA for banning alcohol from Christmas.

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  1. Yuk, I just can’t imagine what this girl is thinking, blood is not something you drink, what are you are vampire?

  2. Why do these guys think they are better than the boyfriend? Just because she handsome and successful he’s an abusive AH? My husband is a genuine nice man and he loves me dearly and we have a great relationship, never once has he cussed at me or treated me unfairly, he’s successful and so find him sexy as hell, nice guys don’t finish last, fake nice guys do.

  3. NTA, there’s this man who used to go on jogs in the early mornings where I live, it was still dark and he wore ALL black, shoes, pants, hoodie, all black clothes and we don’t have sidewalks so I guess he thought it a good idea to job in the middle of the road, we’ll he got hit by a car, hard, it did a lot of damage too. He tried to sue the guy who hit him and lost because he was being negligent to the potential danger he willingly put himself through.

  4. Seriously why do guys think this way? Tampons actually are better for leak prevention and a tampon is what? Like an inch or two long? Honestly I wear period proof panties but never once have I inserted a tampon and got aroused from it.

  5. If she did go out with him she already knows he’s just looking for sex and counting down the seconds he can bring her to his place or him go to hers. Also calling her a gem in the rough is not exactly a compliment, sounds like he would tell her how she could become more attractive for HIM. Most women don’t want to date guys who immediately jump to wanting sex then actually ask you some basic questions, they don’t actually care they are just trying to glaze over they are horny and wanting to use you. She said no hookups so why are you even trying? You think you’re special?

  6. It’s your house too and you have a say in this situation, if you say “no” that should be the end of it. I’m sure you’ll get some pushback from all three of them but honestly you are already competing with them for your husbands attention and this will get worse if they are living with you. Also why are they moving in? Are they being evicted? Will they be paying rent while with you? How “close” is your husband with these people? Is this temporary or forever? Trust your gut and stand your ground, boundaries need to be established.

  7. Wow, did he just decide to use a thesaurus halfway through to “sound” more intelligent than he actually is? Text normally dude because you sound like a jerk, very pretentious dude, lol .

  8. Gift cards are usually better instead of just cash, and places like Walmart or target are great because it’s a multi merchandise store, food, electronics, cosmetics, etc. they can get whatever they need/want. We as a family do a family gift card exchange, everyone that wants to participate buys one card ($25 min) and we draw numbers and begin the trade/steal of cards but it keeps things inexpensive for everyone because everyone needs to only buy one card, you can propose that.

  9. I understand your position but shouldn’t you know about how to handle the procedure anyway for medical purposes? My cat (Jelly) was born with a deformity in his paws that caused his claws to incorrectly grow and they cut and caused my cat sever pain, his only relief was to be declawed. Our decision was not ignorant or disgusting, it was humane and offered my cat a pain free life greatly improved his quality of life too. Just doing it to save your furniture is dumb but hopefully if it’s medically necessary you’ll participate knowing you’re doing the right thing, it should be taught for these reasons even if it’s uncommon.

  10. There are lots of different things that can change a woman’s cycle, medical, stress, vitamin deficiency, exercise (excessive), weight, never has my period became irregular by having sex with a different man. Is this guy just looking for a reason to accuse his girl of cheating using something he clearly knows nothing about as evidence. Some people make up the craziest things.

  11. I feel sorry for these people and this has happened before, one man actually died by the two kids who stole the car and ran him over. However though why are they leaving their keys inside and the car still running? When I go out I always put the car in park and remove my keys, it takes a few seconds and these thief’s don’t have enough time to steal your car while you’re dropping off the order, it’s easy if you leave your keys in the ignition, these are usually dumb kids too, really dumb.

  12. Just because people enjoy drinking on special occasions does not make them alcoholics and are they actually getting drunk or just relaxing with a cocktail? You can have a drink and still be sober. Also it’s not childish, you can only drink when you are a legal adult, they are grown up and enjoying one of the privileges of being grown up. You have issues with your fathers alcoholism and you are pushing those problems onto others, these people are not your father, his lack of self control is not their problem either.

  13. Congrats to the men who do move on and realize their ex was not the one, and they find someone who will treat them like a human being and not some lost puppy dog that will crawl back to them no matter how badly they are treated. I would bet the only reasons she even cares is because she is single currently, as soon as she finds herself another boyfriend her ex won't even register on her radar anymore...at least until she is once again single.

  14. Just because you have large or small breasts does not indicate how well you can feed your future children. Also lets be honest here, you are not looking at her chest thinking "she can feed my babies" you are looking at her in lust, probably wanting to suck on them yourself, don't try to justify yourself objectifying women.

  15. This would be so AMAZING if it were true, if we all knew exactly when we were ovulating then accidental pregnancies wouldn't happen as often, honestly my cycles are very regular pretty much the same time every month but the last thing I care about is the moon when I'm tracking it or my ovulation.

  16. Exactly this. Knee replacement has a pretty high regret rate (a quick Google says anywhere from 20-30%), yet I never hear of someone being denied "in case you change your mind" or made to wait until they're "old enough", etc. My mom's doctor has been telling her she needs one for about 5 years now, and she won't get it because "you're not allowed to drive for a long time after it, and who will drive me to work", even though her job was work from home for a long while due to Covid and would absolutely offer that as an accommodation after medical leave ended and she returned to work.

  17. My mother waited a long time too because of the inability to drive to work, both my parents worked and she couldn't carpool and her area of work didn't have public transportation so she had to wait until it wasn't an issue. She had it done when she retired and thankfully she has no regrets and feels much better.

  18. I enjoyed SO1 and loved playing it when it came to the Nintendo switch. It’s worth playing and the storyline is interesting so personally it’s was totally worth it for me. It does lightly tie into SO2 where the lead characters children (child) is part of the storyline. I like SO2 more but the character development and backstory is better but that’s to be expected as a second installment, much like 3 and 4 they get better as they progress.

  19. I met my husband when he was clean shaven and much later down the line he began to grow a beard, I didn't love him any less or any more than before, he was also clean shaven and the lead of his team at his company, he's still in the same position (higher pay due to raises now) even though he grew a beard. I will admit I do personally find facial hair attractive, particularly a mustache, but I don't think they are head of companies or unmasculine without them and it's not a deal breaker when it came to facial hair or not. Ovulation had NOTHING to do with it.

  20. Are you sure about that? Everyone knows women can't make decisions not led by ovulation! (/s)

  21. Who told him Americans have small penis’ seriously America is so vastly diverse in culture, language, ethnicity, you can’t really generalize our entirety. And you wanna talk about USA being a cancer? How about the AIDS epidemic crippling your country right now?

  22. I have no idea, when me and my husband were getting married we paid for just about everything ourselves, my parents didn't make a lot of money and neither did my husbands parents, my parents paid for my dress (about 1K) and my rehearsal dinner but that was all. We didn't have extravagant bachelor/bachelorette parties or bridal showers, they were simple and fun and we certainly didn't ask our guests to pay for any of it. Sure we had a registry for gifts but they were not required, we were happy that our friends and family came at all.

  23. It's an old wives tale, there are plenty of people, men and women who still believe this.

  24. YTA, you are literally doubling her workload of cooking in the morning, also I have to wonder that if she is up and making breakfast while you are still trying to wake up are you even willing to even come to the table when she's finished? There are things YOU can do to divide the labor more equally but you just want her to do all the work while you get the benefits? It's honestly not fair on her end and you are completely unwilling to compromise, what's next? Since she goes to work later should she also do all the cleanup too? You are offering her NOTHING in return so why should she do the extra work for you?

  25. The issue with this is unless a child is completely potty trained, not needing assistance in ANY way, they will not be permitted to attend school, it’s honestly a requirement for her to attend. She has 6 months left before she is five and will soon be attending right? Stop doing it for her, she’ll refuse to learn unless you stop because for now it’s easier to let mommy do it. Guidance is okay and you can offer a reward system for when she’s being a big girl, you’ll know she can actually do it and so will your wife. Just because she can use the potty alone does not mean she’s all grown up maybe your wife is worried that her baby doesn’t need her anymore?

  26. Everyone varies, usually you’ll have a full flow on the second day and that’s generally when it’s the heaviest and I would assume mine around two cups on that day, it slows down as the days progress until it stops completely. The amount, length of time, and severity (cramps, bloating, etc.) are different for each woman. A few tablespoons is low for a full flow but normal toward the end.

  27. It must be a comfort to think all these women that rejected him are miserable single mothers, would probably destroy him to know most of these girls are probably happily married with a family.

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