1. All outputs of mold are AGPL now? That’s rough, even for non-commercial users. Not even GNU binutils/gcc tries to pull that.

  2. If your project is OSS you get to keep your old OSI approved license.

  3. Your linked artifact is AGPL according to the blog post. That’s certainly not keeping your old license, and may conflict with the other license.

  4. I've using MoneyWallet for a while now. It's available on f-droid.

  5. https://github.com/actix/actix-web/issues/1780

  6. I couldn't find a tracking issue for this? Anyone know why #1780 was closed?

  7. For anyone else bumping into this thread... You can find updated pdfs of multiple Rust books including TRPL here

  8. God, YHWH father of Christ made the better design! Just because some people who don’t research say he doesn’t exist doesn’t mean it’s true, research people, research! 😊

  9. Christ was a man not God. God has no children.

  10. Shroud of Turin, archeological proof of resurrection, Christ body was never found, research people reasearch, Noahs ark was found, Theres plenty of The worldwide Flood evidence, Mount Sinais top fully burnt, Sodom and Gomorrah found with Sulfur not found anywhere else, Cross of Red sea found, the Israelite people has accounts of Christ, all the prophecies that Christ fulfilled, etc etc, you nay sayers love to not reasearch deeply, DEEPLY, I call that lazy and not wanting truth Again, research before you assume And this is only a fraction of the mountain of evidence that Christ historically came, I can give you all the videos all the accounts all the evidence, but there’s lot of people who just refuse cause its not convenient for them, the truth and reality is for those who are willing to accept it, YHWH bless you!

  11. Christ historically came... true

  12. Work at a newish startup. Most of our backend is kotlin.

  13. You can have morals without religion

  14. Enter 200 IQ IdeaVim plugin users...

  15. And I added the mimetype lol. Go open source!

  16. Real programmers use butterflies.

  17. Thought your username was familiar! Used to use your merchanting guides on the rswiki back in the day!

  18. Damn, care to provide scientifical proof for the existence of the soul/ other claims by the quran ?

  19. OK, your argument is "We can't prove the immaterial using the scientific method, therefore the immaterial doesn't exist".

  20. Yes it isn't, that's the point :)

  21. All jokes aside TDD is the way to go.

  22. リヌクス should be リナックス, though…

  23. そのほかに、リヌックス、ライナックスなどの読み方もある From wikipedia

  24. Still having this problem, any update on a fix?

  25. What is your workload that for some reason wants a high tdp 8 core but won’t use the gpu?

  26. Programming w/ a bit of casual gaming on the side basically. I don't really use GPU compute.

  27. I feel incredibly blessed to have been born in an Arabic household alhamdulillah.. The Quran in arabic is just something else entirely, it's not even close. I really can't recommend enough that you start learning Arabic it's a very logical language and inshallah you will find it easy!

  28. Looks like 120 is the uid for the gdm user. That's the Gnome Desktop Environment user.

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