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  1. Hello. I am prince Abdul from Nigeria and I could use your help in training my very own army.

  2. Just fill out this form with your banking details. /s

  3. This is going nowhere... I believe and see a a new world order emerging. At present you are not able to see it. Let us wait and watch.. Thanks for the discussion bro..

  4. Bro, just check the amount of GDP output USA produce in a year, it’s absolutely crazy. Plus USA currently is the Richest country of all time, even richer than any empire of the past, plus it is mostly self sustained. So even if USA loses its might , usa will still remain a powerhouse, bigger than any other country in the world. India and other country uses dollar cuz they know Dollar notes/bonds will be always paid, and will never be defaulted. USA will heavy-hand its use just like any other country will with their currency. To change any kind of world order, India or china will need to figure out a new tech or field of market to dominate. Or everything will remain the same. USA real economic power is not dollar but its Central bank, as you can see almost all central banks in the world are connected to it along with Indias. Rest you can figure out on your own

  5. That is the order that is being challenged by the emerging grand economies. In 2030, US will be replaced by China as biggest economy of the world and at one point India will push US to the third spot. Wait for that day. The grand days of US are over. US is not a manufacturing hub. Many top companies are not tax resident of US. It is a crumbling giant.

  6. Why do you think USA is one of the biggest economies even after a century at the top, even after all the bulshit they have pulled over the years, cuz they outsourced useless manufacturing jobs outside but keep the major crux of tech Homebound, that always make sure that their power in world economy remain strong. China and previously Japan will try their best but bubbling economy on second hand tech will take you only so far, Japan learned it in 90s and china is kearning it right now. Check out USA richest people, all of them created new wealth through Tech and data market (current tech) and not on base resources ( like oil and coal, which india richest people are ) . Their culture thrive on new wealth and on risk, India or china will need a major rehaul to even match USA economic power. We will need another 20-30 years to become relevant in that field.

  7. And how will you get it delivered to India without the safety provided by USA ships for international trade, Russia ships are nothing at all same as India. How will you get the crude or other stuff purchased delivered, land route will add unnecessary cost making the crude equally or more expensive

  8. Petrodollar conspiracies are memes used to distract people who don't understand economics, history, or current events.

  9. The problem is that these three countries cant sell theur oil , period, not just in dollars, Let Venezuela or iran sell their oil in some other currency and it will reduce the dollar demand and its power.

  10. In India, At 1.64 lakh suicides, 2021 saw a 7.2 per cent increase from the previous year when 1.53 such cases were reported.

  11. Aww are you jelous that I have pics of someone else?

  12. Then atleast post it all, instead of just trying to get money out of it.

  13. His beautiful bald head was reflecting Old Trafford’s lights. Klopp was blinded, couldn’t focus. The cameras needed to lower their exposure. Sir Alex’s gum regained its flavor. Brilliant.

  14. Nah its mostly calm now. Just some separatists fighting is not a real war.

  15. Read the damn op image. Does it mention Padma?

  16. You do know that water flow downstream, its the pollution done up the chain that flows down, so any pollution done by Bangladesh won’t affect Indian portion of river. Its the pollution done by us that ruins it and put it on 2nd most polluted river.

  17. How is wiki hard left ? 🤔 I have been a long time contributer -- not hard right but alteast right of centre.

  18. Anything that doesn’t follow these people ideologies are hard left.

  19. Anyone who calls the congress centre is seriously demented. I’m willing to accept BJP is slightly right of centre but congress being anything other than extreme anything is a lie. The only reason they can’t co-opt communism is because they’re a bunch of corrupt dicks and the only reason they can’t be extreme right is because they hate Hinduism.

  20. Congress and UPA are two different thing. Just like BJP and NDA

  21. Hi, Instagram had major changes while I was away from the internet for a couple of days. Please try the new version

  22. Itna proud kis baat ka feel kar rahi hai randi she's my neighbor kavita raand

  23. It’s leopards eating faces all the way down.

  24. If only there were some people in one of these other planets. We can all blame it all on them and unite behind a common earth nation.

  25. Do you seriously think Taiwan will pose a greater challenge to China than India?

  26. Taiwan has a potential of bringing usa into war, not sure if they will do that if China attacked india. So china can try and test its army against a “potentially” weak opponent first.

  27. Higher interest rate control inflation to a degree. Which is highly needed.

  28. I am sure he will feel disgusted to make this comparison /s

  29. Only justified circumstance is that she is really into spanking. ;-)

  30. Now show the data for “ if they support husband beating as well “ , if majority say yes, then they believe in gender equality, if not then you can claim this as some inhumane conspiracy. We will learn a lot from that.

  31. Na yr aisa ho sakta hai ki baaki countries ke pass vo potential na ho..... Because Ambani tata adani in sabne green hydrogen me invest kiya hai vo bhi billions so kuch to hoga hi tabhi invest kar rahe hai..... And abhi Germany ne bhi aid diya india ko vo bhi billions me hai for 8 yr......

  32. Green hydrogen mai aid dena is basically donating money. That project has no future whatsoever.

  33. No but that’s the problem. You complain that we need to care more about you before you start to care and that’s hypocritical. There are plenty of us who were 100% behind India from the start. You can’t just claim that’s why Indians are rude to westerners. That’s not an excuse.

  34. See it in this way, India has felt nothing but grievances from the so-called western powers for over 200 years now, So it's only fair that they should be the ones to take the lead in convincing that they have changed.

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