1. Go for it man, especially since you already have your own controller. It’s never too late to practice and have fun. As for finding gigs, not sure if you’re in a decent sized city or not but if you are, there are probably tons of DJ companies that work specifically for weddings, parties etc. That would give you the best “live” experience, mainly be part time, and gets you practice before going to clubs or doing actual gigs yourself

  2. This would be very interesting in todays age of music, especially with us given AI capabilities. I just don’t know how a pick your own adventure would really work but it could be done in the future. Perhaps an album that is sort of done in that way, prompting people to skip to that part or like you said somehow changing depending on what the listener listens to.

  3. Fun fact, it’s also a Necro from one of my favorites from him. I love when artists flip the same sample honestly

  4. Im really hoping prices aren’t gonna get crazy where Im at (TX), if so I’ll probably eat it a whole lot less. It’s hard not to when it costs $10 to feed me and my gf

  5. Great work man, i hope i could be that symmetrical with things eventually

  6. The very first dylan merch to come out. I think around 2011-2012, had no idea he even had some of these still. Jealous for sure

  7. props on the all the criterion and lynch. I haven’t seen a lot of these tho, do you have some recommendations?

  8. Good find OP. Never heard of the game but it’s definitely the same sample. On the soundcloud description it says Rozz produced it. While he does have his own melodies, he’s known for mainly sampling things. And the main theme is composed by another individual. Im thinking it had a beta release some time around 2013, as the wiki page mentioned it being greenlit for steam at that point. But i also can’t find anything about it being released then either, or maybe the OST or theme was teased before the actual game?

  9. Snail Mail’s performance in New Orleans this last go around was seriously so bad. Vocalist kept having to yell at the sound guy to either turn up or down the volume in her monitor.

  10. Yep same shit here in SATX. It wouldn’t have been so bad if they just played, but literally every song she was talking to the engineers over the mic lol. then to say “Wake the fuck up” while proceeding to play the slowest song in their set made me laugh

  11. Lucky. I’m a teacher in the middle of the sticks in East Texas, and the closest we have to kids interested in hardcore are the anime kids and the Slipknot kids. A kid asked me what music I like, and when I said “hardcore…screaming stuff,” their response was “yeah, I really like $uicideboy$ too”

  12. I feel you man coming from growing up in that area. It was hard to meet people similar minded. Tyler actually had a decent scene back in the day. I don’t think there’s much of one now which sucks because there isn’t many outlets for kids in places like that

  13. Scowl, Jivebomb, Anklebiter are playing tomorrow at paper tiger. Show me the body and jesus piece will be there in a few months. Turnstile and Fugitive will be at the aztec later this month but i’m sure tickets are sold out for the pit

  14. One dude wore a LUM shirt a day after his concert to my class which was dope. Also had a girl in target notice my bedwetter shirt which was wild and we started talking about music

  15. I know most on the older albums are breakbeats typically layered and of course with fat compression to bring them up. Think i read they would use the Breaks, Beats, and scratches record series a lot so you can check those out. Also Mike E clark tends to layer his snares with extra claps that are pitched down to give it more umph.

  16. i like a lot of 90s band cuz i grew up on them. Shit like Alice in chains, korn, Soad, ICP etc. But also got into industrial like ministry, front line assembly, coil, NIN. I like code orange, creeping death lots of newer hardcore bands as well as shit like the garden, boy harsher, aphex twin, BoC, and classic hip hop. just depends on the mood tbh

  17. Just curious, do people hand draw these black metal logos or what was your process?

  18. If you’re looking for a underwater/phone effect that’s all gonna be messing with EQ. The phone or radio effect is usually just the mids, so hard cut off lows and highs and just play around with it. That accompanied with some fuzz or reverb might give you the sound you’re looking for

  19. Heavy old school industrial vibes, good shit op. reminds me of lords of acid

  20. This is so fresh man. Been loving your joker card series. Do you do commission work?

  21. Very generous OP, you should do a random generator and just pick a post to gift it to

  22. Not too sure, I think they just drifted apart or bones didn’t want to associate with him anymore. I remember him being on the teamsesh website under artists for a while then one day he wasn’t back in like 2016 or so

  23. been watching him blow up since 2015 or so. Never really liked his music but can respect the grind. also has had shady allegations in the past so that always put a bad taste in my mouth

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