1. Vinegar Syndrome cases have been getting cheaper, I’ve noticed. They break more easily and some of them won’t hold the disc in properly. They have offgassing sometimes too. They must be getting them from the same place Scream Factory gets theirs.

  2. Out of all the movies in the collection, you’re getting Tiny Furniture?

  3. It’s a basic cable budget version of the MCU

  4. Thanks for the clarification!

  5. No TV and no beer make Homer something something

  6. I’ve been watching his videos since high school, since he was making YTPs. He’s always been a favourite YouTuber of mine. Never even crossed my mind that something this awful was even a possibility. I hope he’s able to heal inside and out and find something he enjoys doing again.

  7. That Things box looks like a blast. How are the films?

  8. The thing you gotta know about these movies is they are not big-budget. They are not low-budget. They are NO-budget. You gotta go in with those expectations.

  9. Do these actually have an online storefront now or do you still have to message David Sterling on Facebook?

  10. He shouldn't have given Cars 2 a low score. Lightning McQueen has taken his revenge.

  11. You are either making a bad joke at a very bad time or you are actually deranged. Stop it. Get some help.

  12. James normalized unironically liking DreamWorks movies as great films. As a big DreamWorks fan myself, I felt so vindicated.

  13. At least this will keep titles in print. That’s the most important thing.

  14. Imagine posting this comment after learning that two people died and another is in critical condition. Some people are just born shitty I guess

  15. holy FUCK WHAT?????? Jesus Christ!!!!!!!

  16. Are Second Sight "Limited Editions" actually limited, or are they still available months later?

  17. Dog Soldiers and The Guest are still around. Dawn of the Dead, The Babadook, and The Witch are gone.

  18. Update: It's just then reissuing old Disney/Fox titles that already got released. No new releases:

  19. There might be some wiggle room for the odd previously-unreleased rarity popping up, but all things considered I suppose I'm not too surprised they'd stick to preexisting/OOP releases. OTOH, this probably means if we're going to get a BD of The Black Hole this is how it happens.

  20. You do bring up a good point. Would these include previous releases from Disney Movie Club?

  21. Wondering that myself. They’ve kinda stopped doing Club Exclusives lately, maybe they’re letting those go from the club and giving them to Mill Creek.

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