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  1. Resurrector Mech Serum Question here--I've never used one of these--how crazy is it to use on a body that's been in a grave for two years? Is he just going to be a blind zombie with dementia and psychosis? Is it even possible at all?

  2. Thanks so much! This was exactly what I needed.

  3. A lesson learned I suppose, but the game should auto-save at certain points more often.

  4. I have this exact same issue. I tried loading the game and it loaded indefinitely. I forced the game closed with the task manager and tried loading again. I loaded into the lot selection, but when I chose to play my world, the game attempted to load me into my lot and the game, but just failed and sent me back to the lot selection screen.

  5. I've beaten about 5 others on the first try, but am about 0-3 on this guy so far. I'm fairly certain that we've either both had bad luck, or he's more difficult.

  6. Has anyone noticed dramatic changes in the ranks? I know they mentioned they were boosting players up a bit, but it's seeming kind of insane. A friend of mine went from D2 to D3 even though he lost most of his placements. I seem to be C2 even though I was C1 last season.

  7. Mac is technically a rookie too! Our Rookies stepping up for each other you love to see it.

  8. I was highly expecting either a Lease question or a Valuation question and was royally screwed when the second case was neither.

  9. If it makes you feel any better, I took the finance elective exam in July 2020 and wrote around 2 pages or less for each of the cases. Thought I was going to get a bunch of RC's and NC's but I ended up getting straight C's.

  10. Cheers. I'm hoping so. My second case was just shy of two pages, so hopefully they curve pretty heavily, haha.

  11. EDIT: I tried the update a third time after restarting and inexplicably, it worked and things seem back to normal. I have no idea why it worked this time and not the other times.

  12. Hi! I'm having this same issue. I've tried turning my headset off, but the lights still flash. I've also disconnected the base station and the lights still stay on. I can't use the command centre because it doesn't seem connected. Any advice on how to fix this?

  13. Can't find any games on Steam here in US-West

  14. I have this exact same issue right now. Gonna leave the area and come back to see if it helps.

  15. My bro and I are playing and once he placed a land claim block down, we noticed it prevented me from doing considerable damage to the area. Is this a bug? We're allies in the game server.

  16. Canucks fan here. Just wanted to say that you're getting the dream #7 defenseman in Biega. We affectionately call him "Bulldog" because he works his butt off most nights and is dang inspiring to watch. He's not the best all-around defenseman and he's small, but he'll give it his all and hit like he's 6'4" sometimes. He also had a pretty good offensive bump last season, so maybe there's something there too.

  17. I got TW Dracos from a decryptor too. Oh well. I probably would have kept them anyways.

  18. SKSE is an extremely complicated piece of software engineering. People on this sub don't appreciate the very very highly specialized skillset required to develop SKSE. The number of people in the world capable of doing what they're doing likely runs in the triple digits only.

  19. Thanks for the help man. I had to navigate to my A Drive where apparently my SSE is located, but it worked after that.

  20. I'm a big hockey fan (and mega hockey history nut), so I'd be interested in learning about the history of hockey equipment or other various things, like ice rinks or hockey pucks. How have ice rinks changed over time? What's the composition of a puck and how has it changed over time? How have hockey sticks and protective hockey gear changed over the years? What was it like back in the old days 100+ years ago compared to today?

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