I witnessed EM getting destroyed

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  1. Roughly 55% of Australia's land mass is tied up in food producing agriculture. Of that 55%, 8% has been deemed suitable for cropping. Livestock animals take something with little to no nutritional value to humans (grass) and convert it into something of very high nutritional value. The cessation of consuming meat would greatly impact our ability to handle global food shortages. Additionally livestock production requires very little chemical input compared to cropping and I could guarantee if food labels contained the list of chemicals used just to grow the food people would have a very different approach to consuming meat. Potatoes and onions are by far the worst for chemical applications, I grow 600 tonnes of the stuff per year and I don't even take any home with me.

  2. Lovely pics! Can you give us more details about the beast?

  3. 140kw 400nm, could be an Australian option?

  4. Ask your broker for the written assessment of your loan application. Under RG 209.257, RG 209.258 and RG209.259 of the Credit licensing: Responsible lending conduct; Your broker must have a written assessment outlining all the information you have provided. Take the written assessment to another broker or financial institution to expedite the process

  5. The sleeper behind is already your guide. Use a hand saw, hold it flat against the rear sleeper with one hand and saw handle with your other hand. Cut away!

  6. In which country are both Skodas and new Pathfinders offered?

  7. It is a great car, especially for its price. I currently have an iV Superb as a family car. My only negative remark would be on sound proofing, it is quite simply insufficient. On longer trips the noise is rather uncomfortable. Especially bad when compared to my other car, a 530 BMW.

  8. I do agree but I've found I need very little volume on the radio to cancel out the road noise. Additionally I did have the misfortune of using a new X-Trail last time my Pathfinder was being serviced and my wife and I had to shout at each other just to have a conversation over the road noise so anything after that is great in my books.

  9. I think these approaches assume an employee doesn't want to work. There is a difference between not wanting to do a particular job and not wanting to work and you cannot be personally responsible for motivating them to simply do their job. Sometimes you may have to do this but it's not sustainable as a constant. Instead, create an environment people want to be apart of and be their "professional guide", this can range from actual career advice to handling stressful situations to interacting with senior management. It shows that you care for them and that you see them as an individual. You are teaching them how to operate in a workplace not how to solely do their job. It also creates the occasional conversation dynamic where you are the leader passing on advice and knowledge, but outside of a formal review these conversations need to be informal, professional reviews are beneficial for very few people. To create a better environment where employees take pride and ownership over their role I use the following Operational Excellence method;

  10. Farming in Tasmania these things are a constant but my worst experience by far was whilst felling a tree for firewood. The tree was internally hollow and contained a nest, as soon as that tree hit the ground they poured out of it like a fountain, pure nightmare fuel. They appeared to all run away so I proceeded to start cutting up the branches. I was focusing purely on the chainsaw when I felt something on the back of my neck, I went to put the saw down and realised I had maybe 15 hurriedly climbing up my legs and torso. I was manically swiping at them when a long set of legs came creeping over my helmet visor, followed shortly by even more legs and a large abdomen as one started climbing down my face shield. I slammed the back of the helmet to get it off as a concussion is less important than spiders on your face. By this point literally anything that brushes up against me including a blade of grass is now a huntsman so I clamber to get my jumper off thinking they are all over my back and start unclipping the protective over trousers. Again a long set of legs made themselves visible but this time inside the over trousers, followed again by even more legs. Many expletives were shared whilst hurriedly trying to undo the apparently now welded shut clips and velcro, followed shortly by significantly more expletives when I saw just how many sets of hairy legs and abdomens had made their way inside the opening at the back of the over trousers. To this day I cannot talk about that experience without starting to itch and scratch all over my body.

  11. Damn. That’s terrifying. I thought it was bad when I brushed up against a screen door when I was on Acid. I walked inside the house and my buddies were looking at me horrified which scared the shit out of me because I was peaking. Lol. Turns out I had tons of spiders and webs tangled in my hair. I went full Tommy Boy swatting them off.

  12. Had something similar but thankfully only with weed. Middle of summer and my wife and I were at the shack, we went out onto the deck to smoke, came back in to mellow out, some time passed and we go to walk back out onto the deck only now there is a giant Huntsman sitting on the wall directly above the doorway. We laughably completely syked ourselves out of being able to walk under it, uncontrollable fits of laughter mixed in with existential crisis. We decided that's okay will go out the back door through the boot room. Again, middle of summer in Tasmania, it's hot. I open the door and go to walk out, my wife grabs me by the arm and yanks me back, confused I turn around and she is frozen pointing at the ground, unbeknownst to us a drink bottle had been knocked over in the boot room and water had spilled onto the floor, and there in the middle of the floor was a tiger snake quite happily drinking the water in the shade. So now we are in further fits of laughter and existential crisis of either walk under the giant Spider or over the danger noodle. No amount of "we're going on a bear hunt" could have prepared me for that moment.

  13. There's a distinct lack of E scooters for that to be the Tamar

  14. I feel like the CEO of Nestle has this map hanging in their office coupled with a cheesy "Believe" motivational slogan.

  15. I have a friend that was water skiing when the rope wrapped around her leg as she fell, boat kept going resulting in her entire calf muscle being ripped away. Ropes and tension can be incredibly dangerous.

  16. The whole hood scene in Django unchained, most of the theater was dead silent but I couldn't hold it in.

  17. Oh boy just wait until you enter the work force and you have to do things well and on time.

  18. You aren't special because you let someone cum in you.

  19. Most be one of those australian hilux's

  20. It reminds me the inbetweeners roller coaster scene! So brilliant for that kid!

  21. Not looking at how many hours are left when I set my phones alarm, I would lose sleep over thinking that I wouldn't get enough hours of sleep. I now realize it is all about the quality of the sleep rather than the total hours.

  22. I work off 5500 sheep per stockman and they will have between 4 and 10 dogs but I will help them at times like shearing. That's australian standards though and we have a lot more wide open grazing lands so each mob will have a few thousand animals.

  23. VLOOKUP is what you're looking for. look for whatever user chose in the dropdown (cell L20 for eg), inside Product Cost sheet column B. retrieve Column C (2nd column from column B).

  24. It took me a little while to figure it out but I now only need to enter one piece of information instead of 4, this will save me literal hours of work, thank you so much for you help!

  25. It took almost 3.5 billion years to go from single cell organisms to humans today and we have only been interacting with the space frontier for less than a century. If it took that long for us, it's reasonable to assume that it would take that long for other forms of life to form into what could be considered intelligent life. Factor in the size of space and the time it would take for anything to reach us and I believe that yes intelligent life exists but they might not be that much more advanced than we are.

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