1. After every town there is always a trail head.

  2. Military isn’t going anywhere. Absolutely do it before you enlist. Chances are the bonuses will just continue to get better anyway because the recruiting crisis isn’t stopping anytime soon.

  3. I heard people call Fort Liberty "Bragg" for some reason.

  4. Very willing to get physical about RoFo superiority.

  5. You haven't lived until you have kissed another man through plastic wrap. Submarines once....

  6. I just finished 9 years as an Army Infantryman. I’m looking forward to doing something I’ve wanted to do for years how I want without some dude yelling at me all the goddamn time. To me it represents the closest thing to true freedom I could have in this lifetime. I’m just ready to relax, relatively speaking. I finished the Foothills back in December and despite being rained in for half of my trip, I was at the most peace I’ve been at in years. It was wonderful.

  7. Dude, this is a great answer. A few years ago I was on a long section hike that coincided with the early spring bubble. One of the guys I met had just gotten out of Marine infantry at the time and he was wound TIGHT. I rejoined some friends I'd made in Damascus for ATD, and man, it was hysterical: this former Marine had gone from basically an uptight jarhead to a straight-up dope-smoking mushroom-tripping hippie in just a few months.

  8. My foot unless the ground is too hard then I use a rock.

  9. I started from Cold Mountain end. Day 1 was 11 miles & 3000’ gain 536’ decent. I shortcut the section over Tennent Mtn as it was getting late so My trip was easier than if you went over there top.

  10. I did the Foothills in December. I got rained on for almost three days straight, really proved my rain gear on that one. I’ve had two separate plans to do the ALT that have fallen through. I just wanna do it before I move away from the east coast, which is happening in May.

  11. If you are local(ish) pick a weather window and just go for it. Art Loeb isn't that bad if you are in reasonable shape.

  12. Eh, Triangle. And I’m shooting for like the second weekend in March. Want more daylight during the day, December wasnt great for that. And those pesky bears…gotta love them.

  13. Everybody asks why is Army, nobody asks how is army

  14. No, we do not. Depending on what part of Maryland you're referring to, we have Sheetz, Wawa, Royal Farms (the MARYLAND company in this group), and 7-Eleven. Already too many convenience stores. And Royal Farms stores are sprouting up like dandelions, at least here on the Shore. What makes Buc-ee's distinctive?

  15. Would be easy enough to sew one.

  16. If you sew one up and it’s decent I’ll give you double of what I paid for the Buc-ee’s one. I’m a size large.

  17. Solid brewery, I just had their blood orange ale or whatever it is the other day. Delicious 🤘🏻

  18. Yams and sweet potatoes are NOT the same thing. “Yams have rough, dark brown skin that is often compared to tree bark, and their flesh is dry and starchy like a regular potato. Sweet potatoes have smooth reddish skin, softer flesh (when cooked), and a sweet flavor.”

  19. Well tell that to my local Wegman’s. They sell yams and in small print “also known as sweet potatoes.”

  20. Yeah. Walmarts poles are actually pretty decent, especially for the money. If you can make it to a Walmart, you can get poles.

  21. I’ve had the same ozark poles for like three years and they’re still going strong.

  22. $600. It’s been on a thru hike on the at. Good condition, dirt brown color. PA put a few small holes in the floor, which I taped both sides with dyneema tape. Other than that, and than not being as clean as new, it is still good as new. If you’re serious I’ll send you photos

  23. I appreciate it, but I’m good. I was toying around with the idea but decided to stick with my Nemo.

  24. Someone who’s really mad I’m sticking with a heavier tent 🤣🤣🤣 have a free upvote from me.

  25. I have Topo Terraventure 3’s, tried switching to a shoe that doesn’t have a rock plate or much cushion. The difference is night and day for me. I’ll stick with my Topo’s. Anything I can do to stay comfortable, and it doesn’t tack on a noticeable weight penalty.

  26. I have literally been waiting for this moment for about a month now:

  27. I eat mine so I consider it worn weight. I make big cums btw

  28. When I had to help the newest of the new privates finish SSD1 before we could be released for the weekend. If he didn’t get it done by COB the PSG was going to make everyone come in Saturday morning in full uniform until he finished it. Bruh, he’s been in the unit like thirty seconds. This is wholly unnecessary.

  29. Try something like the Foothills Trail in the Carolina’s first. It’s only 76.2 miles, pretty much the same terrain as the AT, and it’s short enough and long enough to see if you really want to do this.

  30. The Zoleo is a little heavier but I got it for 150 and 20 a month. I keep it when driving to remote places as well. When I’m hiking with people with Garmins the Zoleo reception has been as good or better than theirs.

  31. Also have a Zoleo, also live in NC. I don’t go to western NC without mine. Service is too spotty for my liking, not trying to end up on a search and rescue podcast as a cautionary tale.

  32. I’m slightly insulted that this is “old school.”

  33. Same. 2003 I was in high school 😭

  34. I’m getting out after 9 years in within the next two weeks. Starting my thru in late March. It’s not as intimidating as it sounds. I did another long distance hike in December and I was never truly uncomfortable, even when I was getting rained on constantly. The AT is very feasible especially for a first timer.

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