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  1. When they say what evidence would convince you, the assumption is that this God would then have to be able to produce it in front of you. Just because you can think of it, doesn't mean that it actually exists. You need the existence of it shown to you in order to change your mind.

  2. Right, so its a useless question. What would convince me is not within the ability of the Christian to provide.

  3. I guess I'm thinking more of "can you conceive of any evidence that would change your mind?" more as a probe to see if the debate is worth their time. As we often exhort atheists to do.

  4. Ok so this is a tricky one to try to explain...

  5. If your talking about things like earthquakes and plagues and stuff.... Disease all goes back to the fall of man. Once we ate of the tree... That brings in sin and death. And then those things like earthquakes and plagues and all that stuff comes in to play too.

  6. That's evil that we aren't doing to ourselves, so it can't be explained away by saying people are mean to each other.

  7. The Final Girls (2015) hits along the same horror/comedy vibe.

  8. That's a good point, but I also see the statement "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence" used to argue against the existence of supernatural events. This despite the fact that we have tons of evidence for supernatural events, both recorded throughout history and reported today. Why? Because people presuppose that God does not exist or that supernatural events can't happen. This is one of those instances where the statement about extraordinary claims can be used against something where we already have some evidence for the claim.

  9. You are being biased against the claim. Maybe its being made without someone holding the view that god does not exist nor that supernatural events can't happen.

  10. Christians view gender as biological sex (which is unchangeable), but obviously you won't accept that and we will have to have one definition to work with.

  11. Having the government label people who speak their mind as domestic terrorist is censorship. Don’t think I needed to elaborate on that one

  12. Government + labeling “domestic terrorist” = bad for labeled person.

  13. Your inability to understand basic English is a you problem.

  14. I'm not quoting an argument, I'm quoting a "should" statement and asking why it should be the case.

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