I kicked my pregnant sister out because she made my roommate cry.

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  1. speaking as an ex Muslim, this couldn't be further from the truth LOL, Liberal reddit is insane, ig Muslims LOVE lgbtq and give women rights everywhere too huh 😭

  2. It's funny how everytime the Landgraabs get new family additions, there's always atleast 1 kid with a skin so dark there's no way Nancy ain't cheating.

  3. Those bottles aren’t meant for carbonation. Every time I see someone at my job do this the soda explodes out

  4. my boyfriend follows hot guys instead of hot girls lol

  5. Sees alpha in username, reddit this reddit that stuff, NFT profile picture.

  6. you shouldn’t invalidate someone’s opinion based on their name or profile picture, you’re no better than the comment you’re replying to. No one is ruining the mood, this is an open forum.

  7. Your sister was acting like a buffoon. Pregnancy messes with hormones but it doesn't turn kind, thoughtful people into insensitive bullies.

  8. How often/many times do you sit down and objectively take in full interviews/podcasts with him? From start to finish?

  9. any sane person doesn’t have to sit through his bs to understand he’s a shit human being

  10. Tycker det är värre att namnge sina barn efter den mest kända pedofilen i världshistorien, för att hedra honom.

  11. You’ve done so well with the space you’ve been given, it all looks so magical… would try utilising your empty spaces to put more habitats down tho as there is around 700+ dragons in the game and if your like me you’ll really wanna get them all!!

  12. that is true, i want all dragons too, lol! But I also love decorating and sometimes I just have so much fun decorating islands that I forget I also need space for my dragons 😭

  13. you can toggle it on/off already i’m pretty sure

  14. You realize that rape is literally forbidden in the religion, right? Forced marriages are also explicitly forbidden as well. Therefore “marrying them” prior to raping them still makes it rape. Get a life buddy.

  15. No, you are. This guy is literally saying Islam allows rape. Reading the second article that I could find, yields this:

  16. you are still missing the point, read the comment again, they are not talking about islam allowing rape.

  17. People would complain if it affected gameplay but I do agree it's kinda dumb it's purely visual.

  18. i mean i think they were kinda going red dead style with the whole getting weaker thing

  19. Oh yeah true, its just that sticks was tied to the boom universe, perhaps they just recycle her into the main line games. Now i wanna see her design in the typical Sonic style

  20. every sonic universe is a part of a multiverse so it makes sense for sticks to be present in all universes but have a different design like sonic does

  21. So I knew going in the final boss was rough. Just completed it and my game must have glitched out because I didn’t even get the shooter section. Just the 3 QTEs for the laser and it was over lmao. The game was good but wtf was that ending.

  22. did you have hard mode on? the final-final boss only triggers in hard mode otherwise it’s the quick time events

  23. I did not, that makes me even sadder. They thought the best alternative for normal mode was cutting the “boss” out instead of making it easier 💀

  24. yeah. it would make more sense to have people on easy mode have a quick time events but normal? it doesn’t make sense

  25. I'm gonna get downvotes but I genuinely don't know why people think this is hard, I s ranked it my second try. I mean I know people on this subreddit have played harder sonic games like unleashed and generations. But I keep seeing people say this is the hardest level in the game when honestly I feel a lot of the ares island challenges are pretty difficult.

  26. how is it overhyping? if majority of people thinks it’s too difficult maybe you’re just an exception?

  27. well im glad they dropped it either way or i think i would have been skipping every cutscene

  28. i agree, i found myself skipping cutscenes in sonic colors because of the horrible cringey dialogue

  29. im glad Roger dropped the lets be honest cringy hyper energy that a lot of sonic portrayals have had

  30. Roger didn’t “drop” anything. He is a voice actor, it’s the voice director that tells him how to portray the character and it’s the game directors that tell the voice director how to direct and then it’s the …. and so on. It’s not his fault sonic sounded really cringey, he just follows orders in a way

  31. Sometimes not even that. I’ve seen bad lip syncing and or a lack of movement.

  32. heck sometimes the mouth stops moving mid-sentence

  33. I did as well! I gave it a 9 though. :) Honestly it’s SO good. Despite its flaws, I’m happy with it. I hope others feel the same way.

  34. same here! only reason i didn’t give it a full 10 is because they seriously should have ditched the 2D levels and left them with forces

  35. it’s because the game only recognizes xbox controllers for now. I used ds4 emulator to play with my ps4 controller

  36. My PS4 controller is working fine without ds4. Just enable controller input on steam properties and it works perfectly

  37. I have a 1660s with 16 gb ram and an amd ryzen 5600x and it’s running great. No fps drops yet and even tho i’m sad it’s currently capped at 60 fps i’m having a great experience

  38. let’s go! i bought mine on steam because i was a little worried about the optimizing on the switch but if it runs well i might buy a copy on the switch too

  39. Spent 40mins brute forcing this on Discord with my friend watching. Thought the top route would be easier with the boost rings

  40. same lmao spent 2 fucking hours on the top route and accidentally went lower when i stopped looking at the screen to take a bite of my food and realized i won so much more time

  41. i tried redeeming it but it said the code doesn’t work in my country :(

  42. Probably best to offer it to others then maybe?

  43. why? haven’t others gotten their codes?

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