An Iranian woman cutting her hair at the funeral of her sister who got killed by the Islamic morality police during the anti-hijab protests in Iran.

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  1. You’re a good dad. We can tell by how happy you are to be able to treat them. Merry Christmas!

  2. Thank you to everyone who helped me. They’ve been my best friend since the beginning and stayed my friend even over long period away from playing due to military training. :)

  3. In Chinese, there’s a phrase ”花花公子 (hua hua gong zi)” which means flowery prince, or in other terms, a playboy!

  4. Where I’m at, playboy/girl suggests promiscuity, is that the same for this name? It’s very different than flowery princess in my culture lol

  5. I’ve had lower back pain on and off for years and recently a family friend who is a physical therapist told me it’s a pelvic floor problem. I’m currently unable to see a physical therapist due to working the same hours all the offices are open.

  6. When is heart rate considered dangerously high during exercise?

  7. The task only counts the team leaders (blanche, candela, and spark), NOT Team Go Rocket Leaders.

  8. Is there any reason to keep and use incense if your area is already full of plenty of pokemon to catch? For example, someone mentioned something about events where they attract special pokemon or something?

  9. Yes for some special events they attract rarer pokemon. Sometimes you have to pay for the feature, sometimes it's free

  10. If I have 1 day until best friends, and I open the gift, I’ll get the XP now, correct? Want to know if I should use a lucky egg

  11. That is the case UNLESS you see a blue aura/glow around that friend that day, which means you already leveled up friendship with them that day, so you already would've gone from 2 to 1 day that time.

  12. Family channels. Imagine having to live your entire life on camera, with little to no privacy without being able to consent for it. Also to my knowledge there are no current laws that protect child influencers income like child actors have. If your content can’t exist without your child, it’s their job not yours.

  13. What exactly are these? I get the gist of them from comments, but is it literally akin to the live streams for animals like that pregnant giraffe?

  14. Some families record their life every day and edit it into a video like a reality show episode. It starts off fun, like a peek into another family's way of life, but over time that stuff gets boring so they amp it up to the point that it's all insincere garbage.

  15. Ah, I see. Thanks for informing me so I didn’t need to give any of that a click.

  16. Oh no, they're trying to relate in a way that shows impact to them. How dare they.

  17. That display of empathy is for when your friend has a bad breakup or loses their job. When it comes to social justice, it’s incredibly privileged.

  18. Did they say it was worse or better? (Don't feel like going back to read the post again)

  19. Just go on fitness influencer pages and take ideas you like, but make it your own. There’s so many of those accounts that you won’t get anywhere just copying other ideas.

  20. I pray those pants won't clip with the level 49 boots

  21. If the boots are too chunky and look like they are cutting through the pants, that’s a visual error referred to as the two objects “clipping” through one another

  22. Interesting. I haven’t seen that yet. Thanks for letting me know!

  23. As someone who just started playing, I shouldn’t have read this. I hate how this continually happens with every decency app I’ve tried to play.

  24. The plan helps with events and gives resources. It doesn't complete events without the game player.

  25. Dang. My schedule is too busy to really complete all the events so it’s almost pointless, but for $2.99 I had a fun little escapist game. Sad to see this game has gotten to stingray.

  26. 2020 lockdowns. I think over time we will look back on that time as bittersweet. Aside from the general awfulness and disruption of Covid, there was also a sense of quiet and an opportunity for quality time that was truly unique.

  27. Do dark Pokémon rescued from rocket grunts count towards dark Pokémon caught for the pancham evolution?

  28. Just making sure you don't mean "shadow" Pokemon. If so, then no.

  29. Does upper or lower pec development have more of an impact on the appearance of breasts?

  30. Everyone in the room is now more stupid for having read this comment

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