1. Wind overturned a big rig on the bottom deck on the Richmond bridge last week. Wind funnel effect, maybe?

  2. Yep. It's the same reason you do not want to park under an overpass to take shelter from a tornado.

  3. Right, contrary to popular belief! You can read why it's a bad idea

  4. And they'll be someone living in 2109 wishing they could live in 2009 to admonish meat eating, dependence on cobalt mining in the Congo, or other immoral behavior we see as normal.

  5. “Progress is pointless because there could always be more progress.” Thanks for your contribution oh wise one.

  6. Nowhere did I say progress was pointless. I'm very glad we've made the progress we have. But the comment above did seem presentist to me, so I wanted to add some perspective.

  7. It really seems like the age of a BART train affects the behavior of its passengers. Most of the time when I'm riding a newer train, it's chill like in OP's post. But when I'm riding an old one, there's more often than not some sketchy (or downright crazy) behavior going on.

  8. On the other hand, Oakland's Chinatown hasn't recovered since the pandemic like San Francisco's. How can we try to fix that?

  9. A lot of it has to do with how much effort a country wants to invest to apply for World Heritage status. So the countries with the most official sites aren't necessarily the ones with the most that would qualify.

  10. At the same time, caring about your sites of interest helps preserving them and keeping them relevant. Too often were historical buildings torn down to reuse the materials.

  11. Of course. You can care about and preserve these sites without listing them on UNESCO, but getting them that kind of recognition definitely helps. It also helps with attracting tourists, which is one of the reasons Spain has applied for the designation frequently.

  12. Of course the French military isn't going to admit that they screwed up and killed a bunch of civilians. They have a vested interest in continuing their operations and continuing to receive funding.

  13. They'd need a harpoon to the scale of the one on the flag to even have a chance at my man Moby D.

  14. Their approch for the Great FireWall of China... control production, control medium & control audience.

  15. That makes a lot of sense given how the CCP nuked Chinese tech companies a couple years ago.

  16. We can already identify as different genders, so why not different quantities?

  17. I guess people don't think about how the Chiefs are Missouri and not Kansas. KCMO is kind of co-owned by both states (speaking as a KC resident on the KS side). KCK exists, but no one talks much about it.

  18. I think it's more so that Missouri just isn't a very famous or well-known state.

  19. Why are people here so rude to Okra, hahaha!

  20. Because most of reddit isn't from the South, so most of reddit doesn't know how to cook it well.

  21. I'm from the West and I've gotten Indian fried okra at market stands. It's delicious.

  22. Yep, other national cuisines know how to do it right. India and Brazil among them. But in American cuisine, it's really only common in the South.

  23. I've seen the guy who "lives" there lighting fires on top of his sleeping bag. I hope he wasn't burned.

  24. What I do trust is territory. And even Russia's government admits that after the surprise of the initial invasion, Russia has lost more territory than it has gained.

  25. Sera si eres trabajador público. En los EEUU el plan de pensiones es opcional y privado para la mayoría de lugares de trabajo, que yo sepa

  26. Eso no es verdad tampoco. Sobre 97% de los estadounidenses mayores reciben una pensión pública por seguridad social, pero la mayoría también recibe dinero por los planes de jubilación privadas que has mencionado. La jubilación en EEUU funciona por esta combinación.

  27. Recibir algo significa que puedes recibir 50 dólares al mes. Tu propio enlace reconoce que las pensiones en los EEUU son modestas, representan el 33% del salario percibido cuando trabajabas. En comparación, en España es un 70%. Además, si no me equivoco esto incluye pensiones privadas que tienes que poner de tu bolsillo, es decir, de tu sueldo bruto (a diferencia de la cotización pública que ya se descuenta del salario previamente)

  28. Oof, eres el campeón de cambiar las reglas del juego. Pero hemos tú y yo aprendido cosas aquí, así que voy a dejar de responder ahora.

  29. As here getting married brings no meaningful tax benefits and weddings are generally a big waste of money, people prefer to skip that part and instead spend that money on furniture or whatever else actually makes a difference in their lives

  30. Let's stop kidding ourselves. We Portuguese don't have money for furniture either.

  31. Yeah Baltimore is the south, and is the exception to that and shares the same dysfunctions as DC (also the south) and Oakland

  32. Maryland may geographically be in the South, but culturally it definitely isn't. Especially Baltimore.

  33. The rest of the country is like imagine living in Oakland but without really banging Chinese/Mexican/Vietnamese food

  34. Definitely not. In the majority of the US you don't have to worry about having your car broken into when you leave a bag on the back seat, bullets coming through your car on the freeway (RIP, Jasper), whether the tripping homeless person passing you on the sidewalk is carrying a box cutter, how much biohazardous trash is going to show up outside your front door overnight, when the next major earthquake is going to strike, inadequate climate control that makes you sweat in the summer and freeze in the winter, wildfire smoke that requires wearing an N95 mask to take a walk, encampment and grass fires that pop up throughout the summer, rent prices way higher than your city's amenities justify...and great Chinese food is almost everywhere.

  35. 400,000 years of human discovery and knowledge transfer, freely and universally available at our fingertips, freakin' self-landing rockets, recombinant nanoparticle DNA vaccines. Stonehenge aligned w/ the planets.

  36. This is one of the best written reddit comments I've read in a long time.

  37. Why is a city in wiscosin the cheese capital of the world?

  38. It's a humorous claim meant to sell cheese and attract tourists. They're obviously not setting up an International Cheese Government and attempting to lord over the world's other cheese producers. In fact, saying your town or city is the "[insert desirable local product here] capital of the world" is a common marketing tactic in the US.

  39. Also, this album feels very real. It feels like Jason is sitting with you and telling you about his life. It’s a very well written and produced album. I’m excited to see some potential Grammy nominations with this one

  40. Now I'm even more eager to hear the album. Thanks for your insights!

  41. What do you think is most distinct about it compared to Jason's other records?

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