1. What sites do you recommend me to use? If any

  2. Google ad sense (which I believe has YouTube searches as well). Use very specific words and not "funny video" as those are really expensive

  3. Pay for some key words or other traffic to be directed to his channel. Even $25 can send a few dozen eyeballs his way.

  4. While unusual it's not indicative of a serious issue in my opinion.

  5. No way to know with absolute certainty but assume hanging out.

  6. Ok thanks this helped dumbass teen brain could’ve interpreted this wrongly

  7. You're welcome. It's always safer to assume small steps... The media will have you believe that things go 100 miles per hour all the time and while it can, it probably isn't...

  8. He was insensitive. I'm glad you're living a healthy lifestyle and it sounds like he was only thinking about his own desires.

  9. I would (with your mom) ensure (checking with a lawyer that it's legal in your city) the lease is clear that unmarried guests are not allowed to live in the apartment unless they are on the lease and that it's a maximum of 3 occupants. That should take care of it and be clear with her that the lease doesn't allow for her boyfriend to move in and that she needs to commit to the lease in writing soon or you will be finding a new roommate.

  10. "mean" people sometimes like playing with other's emotions and if she's doing that to you she's not doing you favors and you should ask her to stop or distance yourself. You should do that anyway if it's not healthy for you regardless of her intentions.

  11. They would probably come around eventually but joining the armed forces is a really major step that I personally wouldn't recommend based on the limited information you've provided here.

  12. It's not about the blanket as you say in your post. You might want to try therapy to understand the emotional underpinnings of why this symbol has such weight and how to move through the real stuff you're dealing with.

  13. I'm sorry your mom is not able to help you because that has/had the largest chance of making a positive impact. Can you try her again? Is there another strong woman in the family he respects like his mom or sister (your aunt)?

  14. There are some benefits but there are other financial reasons to not get married... They are very case by case specific...

  15. There's no way to know for sure. Your life may be better without kids and more importantly your potential kids may be better off without you being a parent.

  16. He has a sunglasses business inside his garage and he makes colored glasses for cats so they can see colors like humans do I don’t really understand how it works he hasn’t explained it to me.

  17. No prob. If he has patents and a science degree and has done studies that show something amazing and gets outside financing (he should go on Shark tank) then maybe invest part time while still going to school. He may get a "fad" one off hit too so helping him out part time could be an interesting experience but dropping out of school... No way.

  18. Congratulations on your progress so far! Some people have cheat days but I personally had to cut it back dramatically because it would get the cravings going again so had more success not even going there for months...

  19. Donate your time and money to local animal shelters.

  20. Not really. My out of state friends only live in even more expensive areas than I’m in sadly. I’ve applied to more remote jobs than I can count but the field I’m qualified for with my degree has sadly gotten over saturated in the last year and I have next to no experience. I have been hoping maybe I would have better luck in a southern state where perhaps less people have degrees? Where I am currently virtually everyone has their BA- servers, bartenders, retail sales associates and coffee baristas. I think that is a testament to how little formal education without years of experience does for you in my current area sadly.

  21. By all means apply to different areas and see what develops.

  22. Thank you for your reply and reading my rambles. I appreciate it. I just feel so lost currently

  23. Very common feeling here. You're not alone. Sometimes mixing it up can make a difference when done with some planning. Take some small steps towards your goals that you are in control of.

  24. I would avoid any discussions with them or anyone else (except for the targeted woman) without HR present.... something along the lines of

  25. Are you taking ambian or other medications especially to help you sleep? They can have terrible side affects.

  26. I do have very bad insomnia and restlessness so I do take sleeping aides sometimes. Like the ones from costco or unisom or just some melatonin. But not all the time.

  27. I would look into those as potentially the cause. Talk to your doctor.

  28. Why would you be worried about this? You would not be liable. Kitchen knives don't require registration (at least in any country I'm familiar with).

  29. Excellent summary. He may be imagining that he'll make Twitter exclusive for his phone...

  30. It doesn't mention the parking spot at all in the lease, I only brought it up because there's nothing in the lease that forbids subletting in general, and I know my landlord doesn't mind because for a few months my roommate sublet his room and he was fine with it.

  31. If the lease says only you can use it then you can't sublease it out without the landlords permission... Which it sounds like you were planning on getting but many wouldn't allow that because it doesn't benefit them and could increase some of their liability. Maybe if you get your rent reduced by half or more of the amount you're seeking and forgo the spot they can rent it in your behalf?

  32. That's what I was thinking. They know I'm doing well, just struggling with health insurance now that I'm a private contractor. It is sad, but I wanna feel nostalgia. Going to the dentist was always a family affair for us. 3 appts back to back, twice a year. Not quite sure why it stopped

  33. Sounds like you have a great relationship with your parents, my vote is go for it.

  34. It's a little ... sad I guess? I would absolutely get this for my kids if they asked but it would also make me feel like they aren't able to take care of themselves in the way they need to in order to ensure their ongoing care? I would ask if they were okay that this is what they are asking for. It could be a very good enriching experience if you and your parents are able to get into it?

  35. How do you avoid having feelings for people you're getting naked with and having sex with?

  36. Yes, that’s something I’m discussing with my therapist currently.

  37. Passion is often adjacent to the beginning feelings of love... I think exploring this with your therapist is a great idea.

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