1. If they want to keep the illusion of capitalism working going, the governments of the world would basically be forced to implement some sort of Modern Monetary Therory adjacent system and pay people to not work.

  2. For sure it could just be a classic case of western people finding Japanese stuff cool, you just need to be careful as a writer/designer because you can unintentionally send out negative messages in your work.

  3. I'm not familiar enough with Cyberpunk to judge the depth of it's socioeconomic world building. I only know of arasaka and that was my take on the trope in the sci-fi in general. Sandman the Show is wonderful but adaptations fitted with sensitivity readers can often feel sterile. Removing problematics elements limits cultural understanding which affects cohesion. It's an issue of context and zeitgeist. A classic Western has this issue especially but so does 80s sci-fi. That's why new art movements are good.

  4. A lot of people paying 50% of their income for housing, some even 70%. In particular, landlords in low income areas have been making huge profits while evictions have soared. The professor thinks we should give people struggling with housing vouchers to make sure they have stable housing.

  5. rent control can disincentive the construction of new housing or make prices worse elsewhere or for new tenants, legislation often times isn't all-encompassing. The vouchers probably bypass this a bit.

  6. Imagine, if you will, Taiwan as a huge honeypot, and Xi as an animated forest creature, like a bear, and you’ll have some idea of the threat level here…

  7. Rod Sterling was also Jewish coincidentally.

  8. I am slightly (slightly) less concerned knowing that there are currently several vaccines for avian flu for humans.

  9. Yes, but people won't take them and they'll clog up the hospital unfortunately.

  10. I like to think people would at least take ebola seriously, but that's probably because I can't learn from experience.

  11. They would take ebola seriously, but half of the country would say it's not actually ebola.

  12. There was a cyber attack where shippers were advised to delay international packages. Some of their services are just coming back online afaik.

  13. I personally don't like the leveraged comparison of SA to deepfakes as someone who has also experienced that.

  14. Staying up until sunrise just to finish my exercise routine but still feeling anxious and afraid of my body is too much at once. I can deal with the negative feelings if i get sleep. And my muscles need to recover. It feels too inhumane to be soothed by right now.

  15. DaHoonkaBhanKoloos type beat

  16. Drama surrounding pros whining about not having their own super special queue exactly how they want it is delectable.

  17. No, this is a silhouette that shoulder pads emulate. It can be quite elegant.

  18. There are a few commenters now who regularly make "actually this is fine" comments on this sub with little care to think critically about why the content shouldn't be normalized. Although, some of these comments here are fair being less extreme with elaboration.

  19. misinformation is one of the problems with our dieting culture, yes. the pic is a bit ridiculous tho...

  20. Not sure it's ridiculous when this is what I hear verbatim lol. Each and every square.

  21. How do you return to sender but for a team?

  22. I value my reddit account more than my extended family, personally.

  23. does this have anything to do with your flairs :/

  24. No it was just a joke lol, they don't care and it's not something I struggle with in general. Don't know how they feel about the sentinels.

  25. This shit is all good and fun until your foot wont stop stinging for a month and you start obsessing over how you're not moving anymore.

  26. ah racist jokes about watermelon here we come.

  27. When journalists accurately report what happened:

  28. that’s a thing? wdym ED butterfly? like a code between themselves?

  29. It's called the cerulean butterfly specifically.

  30. My delivery is suppose to be today. Departed from Bloomington with no scans in 4 days lol.

  31. What an awful rabbit hole you’ve gone down when you get deluded into thinking this is a good idea. This coming from the shaved ice with zero calorie syrups queen.

  32. Ngl shaved ice with zero cal flavoring is a no brainer if you like diet sodas and artificial sweeteners. I do worry about how much I can throw down the hatch but I can't be as crazy as eating a tub of xanthum gum pudding.

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