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I hate people

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  1. "Once war starts" Under which rock has this person been living?

  2. You're makin' me happy! Learn it all. And ride simply to ride.

  3. What is it with these comments moaning about ATGATT and a few people saying things like "Sitting on dad's bike on the kickstand." Just seems like people don't like seeing a woman on a motorcycle. Yes safety is important and in general yes it's important to wear all the appropriate gear but she's riding round a car park for ffs, it's ultimately her choice and it's rather unlikely you'll have a serious accident at low speed. Quit the preaching.

  4. NASA is not failing! The protocols that they have in place to prevent catastrophic failure are proving to be a shining success! When humans are sitting atop the rocket this is what we want to see.

  5. Not to mention that the more people sent to deep space, the more room we'll have here on Earth.

  6. Thanks for the share. Wish I'd been there. I love ridding' trains when there's time to spare.

  7. Don't do it. You can find another wife. That bike will be much harder to replace.

  8. This is very nice. A robust thank you to all involved, this post. those who preserved the original film, and the original photographer.

  9. That's the 'company town' that they built to attract workers.

  10. Don't paint the tank. Everybody paints the tank. Cover it in papier-mâché.

  11. Lighting tires is hard with a lighter. Make sure to carry flares. Makes quick business of starting the tire.

  12. As long as we're planning ahead for a trip away from civilization, add a can of gas to the 'carry along' list.

  13. according to the clock this is case of falling photography.

  14. Maybe I live in a bubble, but most of the vets I hang out with (and me included) are well aware the GOP is trying to take away any support we have and hang us out to dry.

  15. mcdonalds salad, i was about to buy one l earlier but i found out they were discontinued

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