1. Replace Clemont with Iris and Serena/Bonnie with Tracey and Sophocles

  2. Don’t disrespect Clemont

  3. none of bonnie's character moment in xy can be as good as this, let alone topping this

  4. Sawyer is not better then Alain, they are not even close and it is obvious. Ash is better than Alain but the latter had a superior mon, but Sawyer is nowhere near this level. Sawyer is just a writers project, lets make a little boy who wants be like Ash and give him some character arc just to show how Ash is growing. Alain had a Metagross, a TT, a MCharX and some other offensive powerhouses like Weavile and Bisharp. His only out-of-place pokemon is Unfezant. Sawyer has a Slurpuff, a Clawitzer, and a Slaking. They almost used him as an ability showcase. Look, lightning rod on MSceptile, look, truant on Slaking, mega launcher on Clawitzer. Also, his movesets for some of his pokemon, like his ace, is just bad. Of all the main rivals in the anime history (Trip in Unova, not Cameron), Sawyer is the worst. Gary, Paul, Alain would shit on him on the battlefield.

  5. First, sorry if my post (asking for folks' opinion on worst Gym battle) invited negative reaction against BW again here.

  6. But then you recall how they made Ash lose in the Unova League to a guy who didn't even bring 6 pokemon.

  7. i mean win and loss is norm, no matter how stupi it is

  8. everyone hates elesa and roxie gym battles but those are my favorites lol

  9. Just say you think anything XY related is bad. It’s already so obvious.

  10. I don't think so. He wasn't that competent of a director and tried to turn it into something it clearly isn't

  11. was a terrible part of ash's journey that doesn't deserve to be recalled

  12. I think it's only Indigo, because of extra problem with TR mainly and Ash bombed himself with Charizard.

  13. At least Brock's Marshtomp is just there. Clemont's Chespin is near-useless and just being an annoying cheap Piplup copy

  14. sophocles easy. he has togedemaru and vikavolt, the latter almost defeated a veteran charizard despite type disadvantage. togedemaru is roughly as strong as ash's oshawott and is clever enough to use surprise — something that clemont lacks

  15. i like them too! they'rr joy to watch, full of personality

  16. yeah for diantha, they treated her utterly dirty in her own home series; imagine your ace got stolen by TR (!) and got cornered by ash-greninja that's not even champion winner-level

  17. at least in the game it's just her team being easy to beat, besides it's explained she's busy with her actor career so her being MIA around team flare arc is tolerable

  18. still can't believe TR can make a perfect robotic replica of pikachu in the same episode

  19. That would have to be one huge freezing move considering Talonflame, Pikachu, and Oshawott are all in the air and Incineroar is on the ground.

  20. Counterpoint: Incineroar isn't a bird and is also actively on fire :p

  21. I assume all of them including Incineroar were hit by freezing moves before. Among them only Incineroar and Talonflame with Flare Blitz can break free from that ice.

  22. i've seen worse (quick attack looks like tackle in xy)

  23. Wow, I never realized that. I think BW had the best quick attack animation (not Iron Tail), even though it had some lame fights at times.

  24. try rewatching ash vs alain and look at how lame the move is.

  25. this was cruel but it showed how far misty's growth, since togepi is technically misty's ever since its born

  26. Agree 100%. It would've been a bit better if she at least appeared again after this episode, so that this episode would serve as buildup to her 2nd more prominent return. But NOPE. the anime is already over, and she hasn't appeared at all since then. That kinda makes the entire episode pointless. Like you said, her return was just hollow fanservice with no significance or importance to the greater narrative.

  27. I counter that with the fact that Iris managed to absolutely redeem herself and completely flip the fandom's perception of her.

  28. Ash vs Gladion was trash imo. A slideshow in the middle of the fight too.

  29. The writing was miles better than those XY battles

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