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  1. Being an FA is exhausting. Discerning between my FA programming and reality (i.e. what is actually boundary crossing/healthy vs everything being FA "danger danger" signals) is so draining.

  2. So exhausting. And also that we usually are aware of our behavior, we just overthink into oblivion and it all just becomes too overwhelming for us. Once I feel like I’m too overwhelmed that’s when I deactivate, I’m just trying to reestablish my peace that’s all.

  3. Yes very much so. When I was younger I read the book of four agreements. To this day it has helped me incredibly and definitely effected my healing and growth. However when still very ego driven simple things such as “you are reflecting your own reality” can be very much a way to deflect responsibility and NOT acknowledge the need for personal growth and development.

  4. I love that book, what woke me up was The Mastery of Love also by Don Miguel Ruiz. And yes I agree, the LOA community is what inspired me to post this.

  5. Exactly, you should be willing to bring others up with you as you grow. It's not meant to make you superior

  6. Yep, and also understand that people with different beliefs can also bring you up too

  7. Yes. What are the tools that worked for you to deal with this?

  8. It’s a 3 step reframe method I learned from Thais Gibson. You identify the thought you’re having, then identify the opposite, then come up with evidence to support the opposite being true. Ex:) this person is fake liking me -> this person genuinely likes me -> this person has expressed that they enjoy hanging out with me and they are quick to invite me places and say yes to my invites

  9. Yeah it takes conscious effort but it really pays off. What helps is also breathing into the emotions you are feeling and fully feeling them. Things usually calm (for me at least) in 10 minutes, but you gotta focus on the feelings and not the thoughts. This exercise also works best when targeting a subconscious belief. So in my example you go trace those thoughts deeper from “this person is fake liking me” to “I am rejected and I am unwanted”. Then from there you would go “I am not rejected, I am wanted” -> “people have expressed interest in being friends with me multiple times, I have a best friend who I have been friends with for 5 years straight, people are quick to accept me especially when I show mutual interest”.

  10. I know that I have to forgive them, mostly forgive my Dad, but I am just not there yet. I have dealt with resentment towards him for a very long time which comes and goes. I’ve been able to understand him but that doesn’t make me feel any better. Myself and other members of my family suspect he has NPD. I’ve made attempts to heal our relationship but they just resulted in explosions. I’m just at a place of slightly melancholic peace. Peace because I am away from him but melancholic because he will never change and I’ve had to give up on having any kind of real relationship with him. Which is fine because we never had one to begin with. I still carry some anger towards my Mom as she’s made excuses for him all of my life and continues to do so, but I can forgive her for some reason. I can just see my Mom as someone who hasn’t had the tools or resources to handle someone like my Dad & my Dad as someone who is in desperate need of professional help but refuses to get it.

  11. I posted this same thing a couple months back in this sub. I was also taking magnesium glycinate daily until someone commented and told me that it can cause intense lethargy with daily intake which can make you think you’re depressed. I started taking it every other day, probably two times a week, and that solved my issue.

  12. It's great. Be patient though, doing the courses and retaining are not the same thing. I still have a ways to go. Just because I "Finish" any particular course doesn't make me healed.

  13. Yes I agree, I take all of my courses very slow. I’ve had it for 3 months and have fully completed 4. I also have been doing it very scattered lol and I agree! It takes work but once I do it I’m so glad that I did

  14. I really like PDS. I started off with her healing from a broken heart (or whatever the exact name was) course and did a number of courses from there. I'm always skeptical of these kinds of things since there's a lot of rather unqualified "life coaches" and what-not out there, but it honestly changed me a lot for the better. I've learned a ton. I'm thinking of resigning up again to attend some of the webinars.

  15. I started the same way. I had just went through a breakup and was in desperate need of healing and from then on I kept it going. It’s funny because I had seen PDS ads on YouTube and I always thought they were so gimmicky until I actually watched one of her videos. As someone who’s been into personal development for about 10 years I think her stuff takes the cake. I’ve never attended the webinars but I think once I complete all of the courses I want to then I’ll probably start

  16. Thais Gibson touches on this. She says that an FA may appear to be bipolar but they only present/act that way in romantic relationships. Otherwise they are regulated in their day to day. FA’s are also not as reckless especially with practical/serious matters in their life like individuals with bpd or qbpd.

  17. How to develop strong self concept?

  18. Self concept is basically your self esteem. Develop self trust, complete hard things, show compassion to yourself, basically treat yourself like your best friend.

  19. Feel into your body. When you think of the thing you want to know about, do you feel an opening or lightness? Or a heaviness or contraction? You can practice learning to read your personal yes/no by checking with other things first. This is not for predicting the future or learning about what's happening inside of other people. It's only for getting a felt sense of how you personally respond to the situation.

  20. Sex drive is about more than just sex. It’s passion towards life, it’s sensuality, it’s pleasure (not just sexual), it’s desire. It’s not something you want to deplete every day & can also be a form of magick when released consciously. Look into the root chakra & sex magick.

  21. That’s okay, use it while you can and learn as much as you can while you’re high. That happened to me too when I first began my spiritual journey because I was very lost & disconnected, I naturally resonated in a lower realm. Then as I continued to get high & expand my awareness and pour myself into my practice I stopped feeling the need to smoke. Now when I smoke it actually lowers my vibration.

  22. I’ve actually been seeing a guy and every time we’re together he ask if something is wrong or if I’m okay. I asked him why he’s always asking me. He said, “You look cold or upset all the time. You never look very inviting or warm. You cross your arms during conversation a lot too which makes you seem closed off.” I’m like yep…that’s the avoidant in me. I assured him I was okay and that I was sorry if I seemed cold or standoffish.

  23. That happens to me too! Almost all of the guys I’ve dated have told me that I seemed like I didn’t even want to be around them which could not be further from the truth, it’s like a reflex to come off as emotionless when I start having feelings for someone. Still working on it

  24. I had these dreams in the recent past, after my own research and interpretations I discovered it was a symbol of my “drive” in life. I wasn’t feeling passionate towards life anymore but I was defensive about my goals, direction, and vision, even though those things were not exactly clear to me.

  25. I haven’t heard of these! How have they helped with anxiety?

  26. How much sleep are you getting? I’m also unmedicated by choice. My depression and anxiety symptoms are significantly worse without sleep. So, I’ve cut out all caffeine, and work out in the evening.

  27. I get as good sleep as I can. I’ve always had trouble falling asleep & staying asleep, but on average 4-5 hrs a night

  28. Me too. He’s a sick individual, that’s it. And the comments saying it’s all the scorpio in his chart & describing his chart as fascinating 🤦🏻‍♀️ let’s not do this. And the cherry on top is posting the astrocafe grid

  29. Finance/business would be successful for you, marketing/a job very people oriented would be fun for you.

  30. Thank you so much for your insight! I resonated with practically everything you wrote, including the detail about being interested in human behaviour, which I was definitely surprised by. I grew up in a very controlling environment, in which I couldn’t live authentically, and that affects me to this day, since she’s still very present in my life (hence my question regarding the “duration” of her influence). I’m definitely going to research more. I really appreciate your help!!

  31. No problem! I feel you, I have similar placements expect it’s with my Sun (which represents the father). Very controlling father who still tries to control me to this day 🙃 Glad I could help!

  32. Pretty much all aspects to your moon which represent the mother figure. Conjunct saturn in the 4H, she was probably very controlling and not very nurturing. Home life could have felt very controlled and restrictive as well, home probably didn’t feel very homey. Also opposite pluto, this is a hard placement. With the moon it can represent emotional manipulation/abuse.

  33. however, the trine between Neptune, uranus, the moon, Saturn, mercury etc.. (all the planets in Aquarius, gemini & libra) seems like you rose above the manipulation with age (if it was present, if not it can show that you are not easily fooled/manipulated).

  34. Based on what you’ve said it sounds like you need to ground yourself. When I haven’t grounded myself I can get easily annoyed and way too caught up in the 3D. Also nurture your crown chakra with your spiritual practice to see things from higher ground.

  35. I take all of those & once I added B12 to the mix I started to feel like my libido was at its best

  36. I have my jupiter in aries conjunct my mercury in aries. I have been told I’m very warm and optimistic, people tend to come to me for advice on things. I also like to be optimistic for myself, “words are magic” really applies to me.

  37. In contrast to that, my speech hasn’t been the greatest. I also have Saturn conjunct my sun in my 3H, I grew up with a stutter and had to go to speech class in elementary school.

  38. Can we talk about how he went back to the house at 9am the next day?!?! Then straight back to his apt?? That was hours before ANYONE had woken up or called 911 or anything. Omg.

  39. Gross. I wonder how he interacted with the public that morning, the grocery store/coffee shop footage would be worth looking at. Especially to look at his hands

  40. We really overestimated this guy’s wit.

  41. My addiction was from myself and using my own cards. As much as I love & respect tarot, I had to do what was best for me and get rid of all of my cards. It was fueling my anxiety & overthinking. My root of the issue was being attached to the outcomes of situations and trying to gain a false sense of control over the future & the unknown. The reality and truth of the matter is, NO ONE KNOWS! I’ve had plenty of tarot readings that were accurate and plenty that weren’t. I had to learn how to release control, embrace uncertainty, and find the present moment. The universe doesn’t want us to know everything about every situation and everybody. I also feel a million times better now.

  42. I have also learned that a lot of prominent tarot readers very rarely read for themselves. If that doesn’t tell you that tarot is not something to overindulge in idk what does

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