Android fans, what are the primary reasons why you will never ever switch to an Iphone?

I don't need it, I don't even necessarily want it, but I've got some cash to burn so I'm gonna get it.

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  1. Honestly, most of these are not really a shock, depending on which country you come from of course

  2. I know there’s a bias to my perception since I follow this sub, but does nobody in the US even cover their brake pedal as they hammer through an intersection?! Green lights don’t mean “floor it, everybody has brakes” where I come from! 😊

  3. I've always wondered, in my country even if you have a right of way you observe, as a result we have very few car accidents.

  4. I considered it and then decided I should probably use my time on something more useful

  5. Someone standing with their cart in the middle of the grocery aisle making it impossible to squeeze past them either in front of or behind them.

  6. And then they get furious when you ask them why they aren't showing themselves. Smh

  7. Kia stinger GT, I'm a simple man, just need cruise control and I'm good.

  8. Road rage is the oddest thing in my opinion. My wife does it a lot, and I’m like, take a breath. They may not have seen you. Relax.

  9. Odd and funny, 2 days ago I mistakenly cut one guy off since I was lost in an unfamiliar neighborhood, he drive and come next to me and open his door to fight...I just kept looking straight and didn't entertain his rage, he quickly retracted out of embarrassment.

  10. Trim your pubes. Get in shape. Increase your income.

  11. Some VW models (our Golf and Jetta has it, unsure about other models though) have a hole in the glovebox which you can switch on to direct A/C in the glovebox.

  12. 2021 Kia Soul. It started stalling at 5,000 miles. The engine started tapping at 8,000. Kia service said they couldn’t find any issue. Plus the tires all went bad at 18,000. I will never own a Kia again. All my junky $500 cars were more reliable than that new car.

  13. That's crazy, maybe they don't make make them like they use to, my neighbour has a 2013 and never had any problem.

  14. I don't know if it has been mentioned yet but, money, I don't have money for iPhone

  15. That's a really cool and rare car, have never seen one (at least where I stay)

  16. Being charged a "convenience fee" for the "honor" of being able to pay a bill by phone or online. Uhm - really? I have to PAY you to PAY you??

  17. Recently I was attempting to pay for my traffic fine through the government website and it required convenience fee, nope, I didn't pay through website anymore, did it through bank transfer, no thanks, I'm not paying you to pay you.

  18. I think the best kept secret of the field is how hard it is to express the right genes without killing the plant or taking a yield hit. I worked with guy who helped design the cry protein that went into Corn/soy for insect resistance. They tested thousands of versions of it to express properly express it without a yield hit.

  19. This is absolutely true, people have no idea how many lethal genetic modifications we go through, how much troubleshooting you do to get the best outcome from a single modification, and how much plants "fight " when you try to manipulate their genetic code.

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