1. I don’t see the big deal. If death was no longer an option then we could just make this world into something akin or better than “the kinda ok beyond”.

  2. So what happened? Bengals and Ravens fans were practically bros for awhile.

  3. Since when? I’ve been a Bengals fan since before the Browns relocated. I can’t ever remember a time when we were bros.

  4. Be careful with xantham gum in peanut butter. It's commonly used as a thickener in products like peanut butter and is toxic to dogs.

  5. Can you find a source for this? Everything I’m reading says it’s safe for dogs though it may cause diarrhea in large doses. You may be thinking of xylitol, an artificial sweetener that is toxic to dogs.

  6. DO NOT do this until you have fully left your institution. Whether it’s high school or college.

  7. This must vary by school. My graduation was delayed from May to August because a professor mixed up my grade with another student with the same first name. The school refused to change it. Best they would do is write me a letter stating that I had completed all course work and would graduate in August.

  8. Yes, with almost all psychedelics, but not always. I think it's due to the pressure changes, completely normal, no worries. Just in case do 10 push-ups and 10 squats and you'll be fine.

  9. I am 1000% sure this guy is trolling with the same level of bs that the antivaxxers use. If they believe Covid makes you gay then maybe they’ll take the vaccine. Or daily doses of ivermectin and die.

  10. Taxes are based on where your primary residence is listed, not where you play.

  11. Players are taxed by the state where the game is played. There may be additional taxes levied by the state of residence, but if a game (home or away) is played in Ohio (for example), all players are taxed by Ohio.

  12. Could you provide an example of this. Say the cap is $200M but you've signed played to $160M already. 20% left at this point is a fair number I think.

  13. From my understanding, all of the guarantees have to be put into an escrow account immediately. So having billions of dollars at your disposal makes that much easier. I would imagine it also makes manipulating the cap easier because frequently you’ll see that teams restructure contracts, converting a chunk of it into a signing bonus. So that money is guaranteed, but only a portion of it will count against the cap for the current year. Again, you need readily available money to go into escrow to be able to do that.

  14. College Hill is just up the road from Northside and is probably a little more affordable, plus you can get a bigger yard if that’s something you want.

  15. Not saying this is wrong or anything, but then what will push those people to make those kind of money? Cuz the majority are assholes who don't care about others and I think lots of them would rather make less than paying taxes

  16. I’m overly picky with names in real like and books. A name like Paul just comes off as so immersion breaking in fantasy, how does such a staunch Christian name end up in an unrelated world.

  17. 146 snaps that were all playable.

  18. Can you expound on that? I remember at the very end of his time here he got the yips really bad and missed a bunch of snaps, but I thought he was pretty reliable prior to that. I could absolutely be misremembering, though. I can’t find any relevant stats for him.

  19. Who are u to speak for this man ? To say someone is bad u should be able to do it. But neither one of you dummies can Sowak for yourself if not shut your trap..

  20. What a ridiculously bad take. So nobody can comment on anything (on a fucking internet board of all places) unless they have that specific skill set at a higher level than the person they’re commenting on? By that rationale, you can’t comment on my comment unless you have higher than a Bachelor’s degree in English Education.

  21. What a dangerous and irresponsible thing to say.

  22. I mean, you could have been me with a long term girlfriend. I told her I wanted to go shopping for something with her. She thought I meant engagement ring shopping. What I actually meant: a new bowl to smoke pot with.

  23. And, let's be honest: I doubt they'd introduce an invasive species of wolf that was never there into Yellowstone. That would literally defeat the whole point of the reintroduction, after all.

  24. You doubting something is even less proof than an expert saying something.

  25. Am I wrong in saying that introducing an invasive species that will damage the ecosystem would defeat the whole point of the reintroduction?

  26. I don’t think that’s wrong. That being said, there are sometimes unintended consequences, so things don’t always go as planned. I don’t know enough about the wolf situation to know if that’s the case here, but when presenting evidence, you need just that. Relying on a single expert saying something or your own beliefs about what someone would do doesn’t qualify as proof. If you had a consensus of 90% or more of experts in a field in agreement about something in that field, it would lend more credence to the argument. I still wouldn’t go so far as to call that proof, but it would hold more weight than a single individual saying it. And saying something like “I doubt they would” isn’t evidence at all, it’s just your opinion. And it comes out as kind of snarky/patronizing.

  27. You can. It’s called Disinheriting. It costs prestige and renown. It can be significantly expensive or relatively cheap, idk what changes it exactly.

  28. There may be other factors, but generally disinheriting someone who has no titles is much cheaper than disinheriting someone with titles.

  29. I'm here struggling on how to even get started, haven't seen a doctor in over 8 years.

  30. Check your insurance’s website for a psychiatrist, and call to see if you need a referral or not. You may want to call a few because wait times can vary dramatically. First person I tried to schedule with was booked out 3 months, which was annoying. The day of my appointment, the office called me to reschedule because they were out of the office. 3 months later, 2 days before my appointment they called to reschedule me again. I was so frustrated at that point that I told them I wasn’t interested in rescheduling. Took another 2 years for me to get something set up. This provider was in the same office as my therapist and set up an appointment 3 weeks out. They could have gotten me in sooner, but I wasn’t available when they were.

  31. Can disagree all you want, but you can't complain about the lack of consistency and then be thankful for inconsistency that goes your way. That's called bias.

  32. You keep saying that. If that play had been reversed, and one of kc’s defenders made the play that Hilton made, I wouldn’t have though it was PI.

  33. Oh shit, I just realized I was talking to a kc fan. FOAD

  34. You realize last week they played in the snow and on a slippery field, against an average line. That means nothing.

  35. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY claimed we had a good line last year. What are you talking about? The line was massively improved this year, especially the second half of the year. You keep screaming about getting top offensive lineman, and while that would be great, where is that money coming from? They picked up 3 average to above average linemen last year for the price of 1 elite lineman.

  36. The Bengals offensive line this year is ranked 30th run blocking against the rush and 21st pass blocking.

  37. Now look at the second half of the season, since the line has time to gel. Since the debacle against the Browns on Halloween, they haven’t given up more than 2 sacks in a game. And take it back before that: 13 of the sacks they gave up this season were in the first two weeks.

  38. Regardless of anything else, he is the guy I want as my qb. Full stop. I can’t imagine any of the other quarterbacks in the league coming to Cincinnati and doing what he has done in the amount of time he’s done it. Zac and Duke have put together a great team, and I don’t want to discredit them at all, but nobody else comes here and does what he’s done.

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