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  1. For me, it was FOMO. Despite not feeling particularly maternal, I knew I'll probably regret not having children.

  2. Daily. Every 2-3 days if my hair is looking too dry.

  3. I just take my indoor plants to the nearest bathroom and turn on humidifier.

  4. I'm just amazed someone gave you a wooden stool for your 5th birthday. That's a pretty useful yet boring gift for a 5yo. But I kinda wish someone gave me wooden things too that are as timeless.

  5. Kairita yung mga politico na walang maisip gawin kundi magpalit ng pangalan ng kanto, brgy, etc.

  6. 2 with berries and milk. Come 9am, I'm hungry for some snack.

  7. Drop her. You shouldn't be made to choose her over your health.

  8. Your Scooby looks snooty. I love how I felt judged just by looking at this pic. 😁

  9. Aeiou. Abcd. Or knowingly naming their child after their favourite drink.

  10. My 5yo also complains when her sister does this. Just saying.

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