1. Say you just want to test if they work, “always been interested in their science 🧬”

  2. Just get the D5. I love mine. Mine is a 2016 R design SE Lux Nav and has all the goodies on it.

  3. Nice model! That’s exactly what I’m looking for spec wise The R design Lux nav. Thanks for your info about the D5. It just seems better to me all round it was only the propaganda I’d read and heard making me question myself. Quick Question about back seats. Do you know if all of these r design lux models come with the fitted booster seats? Thanks again

  4. Ah no. I bought the barge as my daughter was about to be born.

  5. Uk also so all this is super handy to know!

  6. Google which engines went with the Powershift (Ford) gearbox - I think it should be the 2l D4 and other newer engines, but don’t quote me on that. 2,4l D5 I think all got Volvo’s Geartronic, so should be all good as long as fluids are changed regularly.

  7. So I’m assuming so long as the car I go for has geartronic (almost every one I’m looking at seems to advertise as) that this is the good Volvo transmission and I’m golden in that respect?

  8. Well it’s far better than the powershift. And as long as the oil is regularly changed they can go for as much as 500kkm (if we would believe one of my local Volvo service shops). But if it was poorly maintained - it’s another story

  9. Sounds good. I assume on a reg checker it would either pull through as geartronic or power shift? I’m yet to find a power shift model if that’s the case 🤔 which sounds like a good thing

  10. Absolute legend rock royalty. Rip the mighty croz

  11. Jim Morrison (kinda also looks like Steve tyler) Sting Mick Jagger David Gilmour John Lennon Axl rose Robert plant Green day guy ? Slash Hendrix Bowie Bono Freddie Gene Simmons Kurt Cobain Ozzy osbourne

  12. Hi mate, if you're near Manchester then there are a couple of locations like

  13. That’s great thanks mate. I’ll defo check out your channel, sure I’ve seen you on YouTube before maybe came across one of your videos in the past 🤔

  14. Is it just me or does this look like super tiny replica items in a dolls house?

  15. Replica setup I should say… made out of little models that have been hand painted. My brain really thought that for a long time until I checked the comments for someone else saying the same and didn’t find it… and I ain’t even trippin 😂😂

  16. I've used old tent poles from other tents to remake one once. Just cut them to size and rethreaded the elastic sting inside them.

  17. Good idea! Just wish I knew what size they should be 😂 what is the elastic sting?

  18. I’ve always had success reaching out to the tentmaker. Since it’s second hand, you won’t get a warranty repair, but you could purchase parts. I recently had a pole and pin fail on my Alps Mountaineering 6 man tent, and I got a very inexpensive replacement kit. Send them an email here explaining your problem:

  19. Thank you! Done that. Now we wait..

  20. Thanks, I’m well aware it’s an air tent that’s why I bought it! But there are still a few poles required to reinforce the rooves mainly. Just need to find me some now!!

  21. Someone designed an air tent that also needs poles?

  22. headlights can get replaced by yourself, its wayyy cheaper than a dealership but might take longer

  23. unfortunately not, only on the e46. but on youtube are a lot of videos describing and showing it, thats how i learned to do my rearlights.

  24. Thanks. Did you have to remove your bumper?

  25. I had the same question when I bought the Pro model years back. I understand they are made of different materials. The Lanshan 1 & 2 (not Pro) have a 15D PU silicon nylon fly and is factory seam sealed.

  26. Ah ok! So no need to seam seal mine?!

  27. I have the Pro 2. I did have to seam seal it. It wasn't a big deal once setup in my garage. I was able to see the very tiny bit of pin lights thru the very small pin hole of the seams. My understanding is the regular version is more waterproof than the Pro's double coated silicon nylon version. Due to the difference in materials they are able to use tape during the sewing process for the regular version. As you noted, may be the side tie out points need to be seam sealed.

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