1. What’s the big deal? My mates just ping the player who killed them anyway?

  2. Well, expat and immigrants are different. An expat is someone who is only abroad for work temporarily and intends to return to their home country. An immigrant is someone moving with an intention to permanently reside in a new country.

  3. I have no idea why you are downvoted. Expats are indeed only temporarily abroad, often with a contract form the company in their home country. It is also not for „whites only“. I have Asian and black colleagues here in Europe calling themselves expats as well.

  4. Will a Deutsche Bank default signal the peak?

  5. No they won’t. Germany is beyond fucked if they do, so they will never default. Either bail out or bought similar to Credit Suisse. (Source: am German)

  6. I don’t think it will matter much if the playerbase keeps leaving. Having two Resurgence maps, in fact, will make matchmaking queue worse.

  7. Bold move to assume that we could play both at a time. New playlist update: Al Mazrah Quads, Ashika Trios, New Map Duos. No Solos.

  8. I take a nap at lunch at work. But I also work from home. Highly recommend. My afternoons are much more productive after a 30 minute nap.

  9. It is scientifically proven that it is good for your health as well. Can reduce stress and chance of heart diseases. Just important to not be above 30 minutes

  10. I guess we have read different studies. It's better to get a full night's sleep above all, but if you're only getting like five hours of sleep then yeah a nap might help.

  11. Obviously the 30 min nap is on top to a full night of sleep. It does not compensate it

  12. Did somebody already mention that it is not a bus?

  13. Are you sure? I only have seen it 100000x times

  14. No because primarily the goal is to make the game different than WZ1. Does not matter if better or worse, just different.

  15. Was war denn da bitte alles eingepreist dass der Kurs so abkackt? Zwischen den Buli Preis- und Fernsehgeldern für den Meister und den zweiten Platz liegen vielleicht zusammengenommen 3 bis 4 Millionen. CL und DFB Pokal sind so oder so dringewesen, ob erster oder zweiter Platz, also wieso der Abverkauf?

  16. Die Strahlkraft eines deutschen Meisters kannst du nur schwer beziffern. Die besten Spieler wollen zu dir, du kannst von den Sponsoren x € mehr verlangen usw. Ob du jetzt 2. oder 3. oder 4. wirst juckt keine Sau

  17. Ich stelle mal die ganz wilde Behauptung auf, dass du Dienstag keine 5,60€ bekommst

  18. Welcome to SBMM. Some weeks we get 4-5 wins a night and some nights we get completely shit on. I can’t figure out any logic behind

  19. But it does not even work like this. I get absolutely demolished and decide to not play for 1 month. After 1 month, I give it another try. SBMM should think: „I was a bit over the top last time, let’s give him 1-2 nice lobbies“ - but NO get absolutely shit on 5 games in a row and quit again. On other occasions I get bot lobbies for one week straight with 20-30 wins and nothing changes. There is no logic at all

  20. Immer wenn ein neuer Pottkarsten kommt, erzähle ich der Freundin meines Freundes immer ganz aufgeregt davon. Sie: Gamestop? Immer noch? 🙄 Ich: Immer 🥰

  21. Update: just happened again tonight. I uninstalled the game.

  22. 'Market cap of UK'🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 You definitely belong here

  23. It also exceeds my personal market cap and by market cap I mean salary

  24. Unpopular opinion: I am so fucking tired of ashika lighting.

  25. This is one the most popular opinions on this sub

  26. You would hedge with calls, not with shares

  27. This is now handsdown one of my favorite tats of all time. Incredible concept and work!!

  28. It’s definitely a true peace of art but I would still question my friend whether he lost his mind when he is showing this to me. Amazing but weird

  29. Most likely a shadow ban from some people rage reporting you. Can’t really do anything about it until reviewed by Activsion and set free again

  30. Lmayo, my guy had to choose between admitting fraud or admitting being the worst CEO of all time and he chose second

  31. If he admits to fraud he is fucked! If he admits to being the worst CEO, he can still be a CFO!

  32. As a Europoor, I don’t get it. From our point of view, US is discussing this every 1-2 years for a couple of months, pretending they might not rise the debt limit. In the end it is risen because obviously nobody wants to default the own country. Why should it be different this time and who is buying this CDS? Or just playing with volatility of the CDS?

  33. Die Finanzzahlen von 2022 sind auf dem gleichen Niveau von 2018. Kein Wunder, dass die Bude übernommen wird, wenn nach 5 Jahren kein Wachstum stattgefunden hat.

  34. Von welchen Finanzahlen sprichst du? 8 Mrd Umsatz vs 6 Mrd. 3 Mrd vs 2 Mrd profit. Hab schon schlechteres Wachstum gesehen

  35. Wie wäre es an stichtag auf den Bildschirm zu starren und sofort nach Bekanntgabe ob übernommen wird oder nicht die eigene position zu eröffnen und dann die wahrscheinlich schnell entstehende welle mitzureiten?

  36. Man kauft die Gerüchte und verkauft die Neuigkeiten

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