1. As usual European fans can dish it out but can't take it. The Dutch are only showing half the story and playing the victim.

  2. Yeah, having 4 field players come out to harass the final Argentina shooter on his way over, don’t be surprised when the other teams throws it in your face that your shithousing didn’t work

  3. Hey did you ever get an update? Nov 4 was also my last update for a package with the exact same status.

  4. So yesterday more updates finally came through but they are a week late and state they arrived at airport (unknown which one) on 11/11…

  5. Just the DHgate app. Jerseys got delivered today

  6. This is inaccurate. His pronouns are cunt/prick.

  7. In addition to searching the generic moving discussions as recommended above - If you like to walk your dog off leash keep in mind the capital hills golf course that becomes basically a giant dog park for the winter. Being able to drive there in a reasonable amount of time is a nice plus.

  8. Thanks for the write-up. Are there good ways to reduce utility costs? Our main cost is AC in the summer, for a 1800 ft/2 house we pay around $270/month. How does that compare to heating costs? Some people mitigate costs with solar panels down here, is there anything like that up there?

  9. I’m in a 2000 sq ft house with a family of 5 and someone is always in the home and our average bill is under $200 a month. One month in summer and maybe two in winter exceeded $200. All I did was put down proper insulation in attic. Community solar etc is affordable here to help. Great place to raise a family.

  10. You also must have one light, one TV, one PC, no refrigerator and maybe a tablet. I am dropping $400 a month for gas and electric in a thousand square foot house. However, I do work from home and have many appliances, computers, phones, tablets, and TVs running almost at once daily. AC all summer and Heat all winter. If it goes up another 20 percent, I will be paying more for energy than for the house its used in.

  11. Dude that’s brutal! How insulated is your attic? We need like R40 to R60 here (

  12. Stanton’s Farm in Fuera Bush is nice for those fall festivities. Can even then drive over to Indian ladder for the beer garden afterwards.

  13. Amazing set up - What’s the mat/tarp under the tent?

  14. Hot tub is on our listings. It did not increase the price but it did increase the views and thus, the bookings. In our area people refine their search by hot tubs.

  15. Are you in a winter/ski destination? That seems to be where I think it would payoff with extra bookings/maybe slightly higher price.

  16. Yeah… just like you said, the Sinema thing makes sense, but the Manchin thing leaves me so completely confused. I mean it’s fine to think he is an asshole, but the people who want him gone or kicked out of the party or whatever.

  17. Right, there are two senate seats, run a Bernie style progressive for the other seat, or another statewide office and see what happens and leave Manchin alone.

  18. It’s not great, but it’s better than the real ones… at least feels American… like the jerseys we all wore in grade school

  19. Big nostalgia feels for me as well - go fall 92 Lions!!!

  20. Have used it about 80 nights so not much. Didn’t camp for a 4 year period. Zero maintenance, I didn’t know tents even need maintenance. I’ve had it in crazy rain storms, still not a drop gets inside

  21. I spray the seams below rain tarp with silicone waterproofing every few years

  22. Agree - I think my first attempt looked similar to this - prob worse - tight rolls and sharp knife are key

  23. Take the alternate. The primary route will turn out to the same amount of time with phili, Newark and NYC traffic.

  24. I’d only drive main route at night - agree alternative is better - but for me for daytime drive go up through Harrisburg, Scranton, across 84, then head north on 87 in NY to cross into mass on 90 instead of newburgh bridge (presently construction). Much more scenic, way less traffic and tolls, likely much faster in the end. Should be just over 9 hours

  25. Two family friends have this tent, both are able to set it up quickly and take down. 2 out of 3 years we have had torrential downpours and they have stayed dry. We also have the ozark trail of similar size with a screen porch and love ours as well. Both are well worth money for car camping.

  26. The lift rider’s favorite and crowd pleaser - the classic ‘ski tip cross yard sale’

  27. And if you get a spot she doesn't have to actually go.

  28. Right you don’t need to send - you may even be able to pay a reduced rate for them to hold spot. Our childcare center has sick/vacation rates for extended leave that is maybe 20% reduction. But best bet is to be willing to spend money to hold the spot

  29. Checkout bethlehem and voorhesville. If you are used to walking anywhere Delmar and certain Albany neighborhoods are best bets with kids

  30. Lol honestly, I get that often. Thank you tho, I’m sure she’ll come back… probably not tho 😅

  31. Do not accept - once she left for another dude her goods have expired

  32. Nastalgia is MainStreet at Wisp when the bumps under chair are open. No lines, lifties blasting tunes and landing my first helicopter.

  33. And those prices for nonofficial shirts. Like c'mon if you're trying to influence the national team charge 45-50 max and sell em to AO for visibility

  34. Agree - i am not paying over $50 for knock off even if it looks good

  35. I think the only ones that every single person should agree with are Dempsey and Donovan, put into whatever roles for the formation you choose.

  36. Add Cherundolo to the list of must agree with - I’d say he’s the most certain lock of all usmnt

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