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  1. It's a couple of snips away from a Hime-cut. He just needs to grow his hair a little and he can be a cute little girl too.

  2. Makes it easier to sneak in women's tea parties!

  3. I can't edit videos, so if someone wants to farm some upvotes, feel free to add Myne's faces in this clip and post it here again.

  4. It got anime? I thought it had only a live action version.

  5. I mean, I can't deny that I use these posts to farm karma, but I at least try to find crossover arts that won't be as appreciated in separate series' subreddits.

  6. In the future, please make sure to include the full title of the series in the title of the post. It is both a rule and submission guideline to do so.

  7. Oh, sorry, until your comment I legit thought that Watamote was the full title.

  8. I haven't started reading this manga yet, and yet it already makes me cry.

  9. It's been on my Plan to Read list ever since I saw the first episode of the anime!

  10. Question for those who read Chainsaw Man manga, from the anime only: does Power X Denji ship ever sail?

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