Post AEW Dynamite 2/9/22 Discussion

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  1. You can only bring one match on a DVD to a deserted island, which do you take?


  3. absolutely amazing work, i would love this in my gaming room

  4. How many season's are the first 3 boots all female?

  5. Panama, Fiji, Gabon, Caramoan, Winners at War (technically even though Natalie returned)

  6. I read somewhere that we play both of them at home, and they are the home teams for their international games so it ain't us.

  7. if that’s the case, I’m happy, we don’t need that added hassle

  8. So the bearded butchers processing facility is located in Creston, OH, my hometown is only 10-15 minutes away, absolutely madness to think Brock Lesnar was just casually hacking away in my area in the middle of nowhere Ohio

  9. Canton is not accepting any more patient orders for the day?

  10. just not online, you gotta go to the store and wait

  11. That’s insane. So we don’t even know if the menu being shown online is accurate if they are not updating it.

  12. I think it’s accurate-ish but yeah once a product is sold out, poof it’s gone from the menu

  13. My girlfriend and I just watched TAR 7 and we were disappointed that this happened twice in one country. When the final teams visited India, they had two detours.

  14. delicious aroma, sweet flavor, hints of orange and purple in the grind, and uplifting body high

  15. The front label says 440mg per pkg, but the back label says 416. I hate when they do that, seems like a shady practice because the technology exists for exact dosing. Do you know of an explanation for that?

  16. 440 mg is the maximum dose for a 4-day edible in Ohio, each day represents 110mg. This edible definitely sits in the 4-day range but they probably dose it to hit a range between 400mg and 440mg

  17. yes please reach out, most vapes are made fine out the processor’s door but if stored improperly, they can absolutely leak… last Verano cart I got came in a tube so it may be your dispensary storing them on their sides

  18. The THC% and delta 9 THC% are the same, basically meant to be the amount of natural THC in the product… I’d watch out for delta 8 products, the other comment sorta mentioned it but some cultivators were sorta fraudulent in the early days adding it to vapes and flower to bump up “total THC” numbers. You might notice that over the last few months, numbers have consistently gone down

  19. You don't know where you are on the map?

  20. oh no I’m aware of that, this map is just flawed in like three different ways

  21. 15% off concentrates, 20% off Verano concentrates, and a $25 2.83g of Pineapple Upside Down Cake from Buckeye Relief

  22. no problem! tomorrow is their classic thursday, 20% off tinctures and also 20% off any one item of your choice… I always stop by whenever that happens because you can really maximize savings

  23. American from Ohio here and that is absolutely what I thought too, the artist knew exactly what they were doing lmao

  24. Maffew would definitely use this at the end of a botchamania

  25. I work for a cannabis company so my team name is Sticky Williams.

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