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  1. I hope to god that the “shit” comes out of Chuck Taylor’s mouth

  2. I’m voting Lupe until everybody else does, I think Lasers is solid

  3. I’d say they’re pretty solid but it’s luck-of-the-draw too, hopefully you would get some flower from a solid grow cycle

  4. fun tip, if you queue up the song Spies afterward and add a 3-5 second crossfade, the two songs connect over a single note

  5. I had the second pick in a family league this year, no money involved. Went Kupp - Kelce - Hill - Lamar and then finally Monty in round 5. Luckily I snagged Jacobs after that too and I finished the regular season 13-1. Lost in the week 17+18 championship though.

  6. I’ve played so many hours of Fall Guys but there have been issues ever since they went FTP, there’s only so much fun available when you play the same 5-7 rounds for a whole session

  7. definitely videotape it and then the only thing I’d add is just don’t add any pressure to complete the challenge… the internet might care what celebrities do all ten but this thing is truly painful and awful, you don’t wanna clown anyone for pulling a dj khaled

  8. I remember the suplex city shirts. They were like road signs that said Suplex City and then the name of whatever town they were in underneath.

  9. the first city when he returned in June 2015 with those shirts was Cleveland and I got one, my best piece of wrestling memorabilia

  10. Thanks! Out of curiosity you’re thinking MG3 is back in lead role?

  11. Yeah how is everyone feeling about Sutton? I have Sutton, Higgins, Kirk, Meyers, Bateman, Collins and I cannot pick...

  12. RB4 last year, you don’t expect that much depreciation of value year to year and a lot of RBs deal with these injury problems

  13. ABADON for me, I think she’s got a really unique look, I just think she needs some more time and a more defined character other than “spooky girl”

  14. only trade so far in my family league was me trading away Najee and Waddle for Mark Andrews… I now have the Lamandrews stack but I’m hoping I didn’t oversell. Just not a fan of the Pittsburgh offense and the high-octane passing offense in Miami has to calm down soon

  15. You can only bring one match on a DVD to a deserted island, which do you take?


  17. absolutely amazing work, i would love this in my gaming room

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