1. honestly none of the dabs here are worth the price with that thc % cap

  2. its pretty hard to find big nugs unless you only buy 2.83 jars, pretty much everything else is smalls here

  3. People really give the state like $200,000 to sell shit like this I don’t get it

  4. Certified can’t get anything right that shit should be free

  5. damn i completely forgot these were a thing

  6. I’d love some coconut again it’s been so long since I’ve had it

  7. I’m glad we will get lower prices. $60 for less than a gram of distillate is insane

  8. Their pods/carts are co2 extracted oil, not distillate

  9. guess I couldn’t tell the difference, still a crazy price for the quality

  10. The flower here never really did much to me until I reset my tolerance completely

  11. Like 3 months but i was dabbing a lot so my tolerance was really high

  12. yeah I’ve never been satisfied with anything from them

  13. i dont like it that much but i love the cans and hydration bottles

  14. im not big on coconut stuff but gfuel usually does coconut well so i think i have to buy this

  15. dope as usual podcast, he isnt a comedian but its funny

  16. In my opinion, this is why the show sucks now. It's so hard to be funny and on after your 4th podcast taping in a day.

  17. yea and you hear them talking about the same shit for like 5 podcasts in a row

  18. strawberry slushie idk why they called it slushie when it just tastes like a candy strawberry

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