AITA for sending my wife's belongings to her office?

*Lowers face into palm*

Are you being serious right now?

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  1. Why would you prioritize your friend over your kid the week that their mother moves out? You & your wife are going through a divorce and your kid’s whole world has been turned upside down. Your kid is old enough to understand custody arrangements and that dad is supposed to take them to soccer.

  2. and I agree with you 100%, I just 100% disagree with the people saying that that makes him a shit dad

  3. That literally is exactly what makes him a crappy dad. Abandoning your child who’s going through something life altering for a party is a crappy parent. You must be his gf 🙄

  4. and you have asked people on Reddit to borrow £500 🤣 you must be poor 🙄

  5. Instead of whining about not being able to enjoy it again, why don't you man up and watch the show for the second time again? If you can't do that, maybe you're no true Suits fan after all.

  6. can we please stop with everyone judging this man for ‘I cook sometimes. She in the one who takes care of the house, kids and chores’. we dont have the right to judge their relationship, if it works for them it works. he’s asking if he’s the AH for the situation he mentioned, not for anything else.

  7. I’m so stupid I thought this was hunters chicken🤦🏼‍♂️

  8. How does the person who took this picture have his scorestreaks and stuff like that? I see it like that by some YouTubers aswell but don’t know how to donit

  9. What’s concerning is the fact that you haven’t healed a good chunk of those mons

  10. what’s concerning is the fact that you’ve came on the post to say that, and not actually help with the question I’m asking.

  11. You need to give us the ivs. The dialga would be cook but if it's not 15/14/12 then I wouldn't bother.

  12. Gotta go Jon and Daemon, only if it’s a fight scene however

  13. The Glacier skins, the holiday skins for DLQ and AK117 and you can’t really beat diamond, let’s be honest.

  14. Jon Snow. Yes he didn’t want it, but it doesn’t matter. He would of been the greatest King to ever live. A great swordsman, noble, loyal, smart, would be loved by the poorer, socially weaker people. I don’t even think I need to explain why Jon would be the one.

  15. 3gmqhl90t, I’m in North America. My main is the Witch Queen, the others that I play the most with are Gumi and Rapunzel (but not as much as I play with the Witch).

  16. you up to play now? who do you main also? edit: just saw it’s golide

  17. you could probably snipe a life for 250k if you sell more stuff

  18. on a semi unrelated note, I’m legendary in multiplayer and I’m really looking for good players to play with who play as a team and play the obj. IGN is SmokerAdz

  19. I am around here to get some background information about stuff i didnt get. I dont blame you guys for posting this. But I see that this sub is just for those who watched and understood the whole show so im just not gonna read this stuff until I am finished

  20. nah you’re right bro. there’s a spoiler tag for a reason

  21. I have both the lava axe and the j358 abomination and I’m really upset they’re coming back. I also think the people who wanna see ‘og’s cry’ are just losers who shouldn’t play the game anyway

  22. yh don’t get me wrong it’s not the worst thing that could happen, but how long does it take to create two (three because of tank) new skins and put them there. just underwhelming and I feel like there’s never any point in grinding anything, and codm always find a way to screw it up anyway. absolutely love the game but some things are absolutely dumb

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