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No matter how hard I try, I'm too shy to confess my love!

[Happy crab noises]

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  1. I think the reason it’s in a tub is to keep it cool if you’re out on a picnic or at a BBQ!

  2. In the stickers there is thank you , slap it on their fav picture

  3. I know, but it doesn’t feel like enough for 500 days of gift exchanging haha

  4. This is meant to say “Utaha from Wednesday Campanella” for anyone confused.

  5. I broke down and bought petals only to run out with 40 to go….yes I bought more and I’m so salty about it. 😭

  6. I linked the website in another comment! It’s only in Japanese fyi

  7. Why bother bringing this back up when the consensus is always the same?

  8. Someone didn't read the whole event, man I love responding to these kind of posts.

  9. So then why not offer some healthy options instead of suggesting they avoid salad

  10. Chapter 9: Wednesday's Campanella! Talk just before the SP Collaboration Live!

  11. Amazing! Thank you! I thought AbemaTV was a subscription service, I didn’t know you could watch it for free!

  12. How many coins are you getting? I got one on the first yellow stop, and haven’t gotten any on subsequent ones.

  13. OMG this is my dream item too and I've also spent a buch of LTs but gave up hope :D

  14. Awesome!!! I saved ten stamp cards for this outdoor bath. Took me forever but I had no second thoughts or regrets. Enjoy! Animal pals look so happy and SO cute in it!

  15. Can’t wait to do a winter outdoor bath redesign of my campsite with this!!!

  16. Do you know if you can use this for baking? I would love to make muffins with.

  17. The package says not to use it with heat so I don’t think so :(

  18. Tragic...I still ordered it anyways. I want to make homemade Reese's PB Cups with them

  19. The way this is a hot button topic literally every month and nothing ever changes lol

  20. What's most wild to me is that this dude is out by himself! The most egregious failure here was not having more officers out there to help manage it. I feel so bad for that guy.

  21. There were multiple emergency calls up to 4 hours before the crush asking for more security, too. This man should not have been alone

  22. Even better when you find one of the many “English” words that aren’t even English, like jetto koosutaa, buranko or hai tatchi.

  23. Buranko comes from Portuguese, like a lot of other borrowed words in Japanese, like pan for bread or zubon for pants.

  24. I don’t really use reactions (stamps?) on friends’ pictures anymore bc it’s too time consuming. I’ll only use it to say thank you when someone gives me a good gift and I don’t have any good ones to give back to them.

  25. I haven’t yet just in case I decide later I need them? But yea I have sooooo many

  26. Before doing anything else on the toilet, my wife throws a handful of toilet paper into the bowl. I think it’s to stop splashes.

  27. Neither are the (adult) girls, which is why we gaijin are here.

  28. Guesses on what song it’s gonna be? My guess is Tinkerbell

  29. It will be Buckingham, I would have liked it to be Alice, but I understand that they go for the most famous songs.

  30. I’m a bit surprised it was Buckingham tbh! I thought it would’ve been a good opportunity to promote the new song

  31. Maybe Dems should have put another candidate forward. This wouldn’t be acceptable if parties were switched

  32. Maybe it’s hard to predict that your candidate is going to have a stroke midway through the race

  33. If you give a bad review, Amazon says it was a warehouse mistake and they remove the review.

  34. To answer your question, wanting to go to Japan and loving the language are not enough to get you in to the program. Focus on what you can bring to the program and what value you can add to local communities as an English teacher.

  35. Rakuten’s coverage is spotty if you’re in the inaka. I used LINE mobile on JET and I liked it a lot. I use Rakuten now, and I’m in Tokyo.

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