1. He should do something really out there and hire an editor. EDIT: Downvote me all you want. He should also hire a script supervisor.

  2. He should also hire a sound designer and mixer instead of attempting to do it himself. Just dreadful sound design basically makes the movie unwatchable.

  3. Well sucks when the coach loses a game that we should have won due to his lack of experience and knowledge.

  4. The Vanishing (1988). The ending stuck with me for a few days after watching.

  5. I did this with do the right thing off his site. Signed and criterion. Well worth it.

  6. I really love how the spine number for the devils backbone is #666.

  7. This movie is one of the milestone movies in my life. I was 12 years old, and I made my mom take me to see it at the Dobie theater in Austin, Texas. Dobie Mall on UT’s Drag was “the small mall that had it all,” including super cool themed viewing rooms.

  8. Damn miss Dobie. Saw some cool flix there over the years.

  9. I counted at least 6-7 times the RSL keeper kicked the ball directly out of bounds or straight back to us. He was garbage lol. Yea and it was hilarious that he had his hands on his knees dead tired as the keeper.

  10. Played himself with some elite level shithousery time wasting, also 11 shots on goal / 9 saves will work a keeper on a hot day.

  11. Agree. He shoulda been on a yellow for time wasting in the 20th minute ha

  12. I really hate when people cut their fingers and then suck the blood with their mouths. Makes me want to vomit every time.

  13. The Suspiria remake. The girl screaming while getting her body all contorted. Some true blood curdling screams.

  14. Just got them on the mls store and they had a bunch of sizes still. I used promo code TSEMLS22 and it took $20 off the shoes.

  15. Damn! I used to diagram the longest sentences just like that. Really helps you understand every single part of speech.

  16. Matt stone trey Parker trilogy. BASEketball, team America and bigger longer and uncut (best dick joke ever). Also throw in orgazmo.

  17. I didn't think the film itself was good, but I'd disagree about "laughable villain". Art The Clown is awesome and David Howard Thornton does a great job in the role.

  18. Ok ok you are right I’d say cringey instead upon reflection.

  19. Such a great book. I’ve gifted it to many of my writing friends. They’ve all enjoyed it.

  20. I’m not buying it. Fuck Nike and USA soccer for this piece of shit.

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