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  1. Why is this image a BB reference?

  2. Whether or not they had 'good intentions' does not change the fact that they are idiotic vandals and the only thing anyone will remember about them a month+ from now is that one time a couple of young mental doughnuts tried to ruin a masterpiece of art with some soup because apparently that's 'green'. Totally shit long term messaging that will ultimately do more harm than good to the green movement. These titanic douchebags should not be defended.

  3. It’s… not ruined at all. It had glass protecting it. You think professional curators are gonna let a Van Gogh just raw dog it out there with the masses?

  4. Yeah i know im just saying that it was they're intension to ruin it

  5. Holy shi that is the coolest thing I've seen today! Awesome job bro!

  6. Accessing the vehicle is like walking a tightrope. I fell off countless times.

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