1. Just your average powerlifter in their natural habitat

  2. With hair like that, you know this dudes a douche. Can you imagine this soft fuck talking shit all those years before as a fat fuck. Loved smacking these fools 🤣

  3. A short fat guy could getting a running start and tackle him and beat him up. Mans on stilts.

  4. There is no way a short fat guy could beat him up lmao

  5. 6’1 or 6’2 I hover around 160-167, try not to pass 170. Usually don’t cut past 155, hit 148 once for a while and I noticed a lot of stagnation when I cut, definitely never depriving myself of calories

  6. Have you ever tried going higher than 170? I mean there’s only so big you can get naturally while still being cut. Maybe try a bulk up to 180 then cut down and I’m sure you’ll see good progress.

  7. Honestly I was a few months back I hit around 175 and my operations manager at work pointed out that I was putting on weight, said he remembered me being a lot skinnier. I’ve kinda kicked body dysmorphia for the most part but that definitely deterred me from wanting to bulk too high.

  8. Are you sure he didn’t mean it as compliment? Maybe he was noticing your gym progress. Something like that would have motivated me even more. You gotta get out of your comfort zone man.

  9. It was? My bad lol, ignite as much o'driscoll piss as you want

  10. I thought it was, the small village close to Beaver Hollow?

  11. Yeah, I always go there and light it up because there’s no law.

  12. Ya it’s a big ass bone. Dealing with high iq individuals in here

  13. Relax guys, he just collects the action figures to help him protect his virginity

  14. I’m married and about 45lbs of muscle bigger than the sad sacks in here

  15. Imagine thinking that having more muscle makes you better than others. Just shows how insecure you really are. Have a nice day with your children’s toys though.

  16. You over here idolizing him but if you would have ran into him IRL he probably would have robbed yo ass lmao

  17. I ain’t going to be playing anything but GTA6 for a while lol it can take up the whole SSD for all I care

  18. Hoping they reference Pulp Fiction in the diner robbery somehow.

  19. This man really has Lombard street running down his bicep

  20. I know he be paranoid as hell leaving that place everyday lmao. He gonna mess with the wrong person one day

  21. 4.5K calories is ALOT of calories a day for your height and weight. Unless you are extremely active you should be gaining at least 1.5 pounds a week. Make sure you’re not over estimating them. And remember to be patient and log your weight over time.

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