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  • By - Ozey

  1. Idk man, first guy sounded like he was on the verge of tears...

  2. Liked his design, didn't like his voice

  3. Men chose to share their money

  4. Chose? they were forced/pressured to, because the female players submitted a lawsuit 2 years ago. Why do ppl here bitch about eQuaL pAy meAns eQual work w/o understanding they have different audience sizes, which means different pay amounts.

  5. did you ask them personally? or are you just projecting? they’re not gonna fuck you, bro.

  6. If you don't like it, you're racist

  7. I'm sure most of it would be in intelligence tho

  8. I get that damsel in distress is kind of a worn out and boring trope but converting damsel in distress into badass action strong woman with sword is pretty cliche too. Hope they make it a fun character and not just a boring sidekick role.

  9. I don't think damsel in distress is even worn out today tbh. Nowadays, there's hardly any movie out there that has a female damsel in distress.

  10. Actually kinda liking Luigi being the one needing to be rescued.

  11. It's 2022, having a woman, especially Peach, be the "damsel in distress", is just not done for some reason lol

  12. Fuck them mods, always deleting polls. get a life, u guys

  13. Maybe it's just me, but this video had the deadest i still did not understand the drowning racist one. Half the jokes were censored cuz they're afraid of getting cancelled, editing felt too clean/corporate, hollering after every single joke. maybe I'm just being a boomer, but it's just not as funny as their earliest tntl videos.

  14. If thats what you think of those videos then fair enough,i can see what you mean. I myself enjoyed this video but sometimes its not for everyone,even i prefer a lot of the old videos since the production isnt that good.

  15. I get what you mean, but for a video titled offensive jokes, there's hardly any. Plus that awful drowning joke was not even a joke, it was just a statement.

  16. Looks nice but you kinda flubbed her face a little

  17. Car looks like something straight out of fallout 4

  18. Asking strangers on an internet platform about their sexual fantasies and then masturbating thinking about what they described.

  19. notice how the most upvoted comments are by women?

  20. My mom is a fascist and my dad is a communist.

  21. Conversations at the dinner table must be awkward...

  22. I think sometimes the young may not be thinking about everything a war encompasses. Simply owning a gun isn't enough. It is crucial to have some mechanical skills. Change a tire, create drinking water etc...

  23. Blue collar workers such as mechanics tend to lean conservative so...

  24. Does anyone else have moments like asking yourself "of all the people in the world, why am I this person?"

  25. Idk I like her current design more. She was supposed to exude sexuality, plus none of her past designs had pockets

  26. John legend looks like if a toddlers face was photoshopped on an adult man's head.

  27. Real Chads don't care about their karma, they just say what they feel.

  28. They're the only team in South America without indigenous or black players. That's not by accident. You can read more about it

  29. Stupid take. That seems to be because of racism against them way back in the 19th - early 20th century, this was the case for many countries at the time. I doubt ,in 2022, they'd prevent black people from joining considering how progressive the country is, regarding other issues. Just because the team doesn't have black people doesn't mean they're racist

  30. Argentinian fans are known to be racist in the south american championships, throwing bananas at the pitch and stuff.

  31. Well, that seems to be just the racist FANS, the system itself is not racist, similiar to Italy where there are black people on the team yet, they have so many racist fans, yet that doesn't make the entire country racist.

  32. Nah it upsets me that there even was a game played in a stadium built with slave labor and death. I couldn't care less who won or how many goals there were. Just the fact that the game was played is the ultimate disrespect to the thousands who died there.

  33. i mean technically, if they didn't play, those laborers would have died for nothing

  34. I absolutely do not understand how anyone whose interested in the sport can simply ignore the fact that thousands of people died to make that stadium.

  35. you vastly underestimate how passionate football fans are

  36. Sven still lives with his mom. Faendal owns his own house. Of course Sven has a nice lute. He doesn't have a mortgage cuz he is a man child. Likely spends an inordinate amount of time putting up complaints on notice boards villainizing woman because no one wants to come sleep with him in his mom's basement. He's the creepy dude who sings AT women hoping they will like it.

  37. Reddit: where everyone you don't like is an incel

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