1. Not all America is bad just the republicans. Canada is right tho. Because of the republicans many state governments are trying to move social normal to what is common in places like Uganda. Republicans should really just go live in Africa if they hate America so much.

  2. I’m a smug Canadian and… no. Yes, there are some states that are less friendly than others to LGBT+ people, but equivalent to Uganda? No, not even close.

  3. They are moving towards Uganda. But the people who love America is trying to stop them.

  4. I haven’t seen any tā moko extend down to the bottom of the throat like that. The only examples I can find go down to the bottom of the chin. I could be wrong, though.

  5. Another "woman good/man bad" post. Haven't seen that one before.

  6. Two X subs tend to be shitshows. That said, India does have a A LOT more misogyny problems than most western countries

  7. Tim perpetually sounds on the verge of an emotional breakdown. I can’t listen to him speak.

  8. This one. Unless you have an advanced degree the country deems worthy, you'll never become a citizen

  9. Yes and no. Yes in the sense that there’s high barriers to get in, no in the sense that we have a metric assload of immigrants coming every year, more than any other G20 country by far as a function of our population.

  10. Canada’s net migration rate 2015-2020 was 6.6, putting it higher than any other G20 country. One of the highest in the world, actually. Since then, immigration has increased even further due to skyrocketing COL costs (importing cheap, overqualified labour is in the best interest of capital holders). This already record high migration rate was with around 250K migrations. Cap has been set to 450-500K/year now. Soooo yeah, Canada is one of the biggest net migrant countries in the world. US has 9 times our population but only lets in 2.3-2.5 times more migrants. (~1,1000,000, and I’m one of them!)

  11. Absolutely- this is an incredibly bad decision. I get Boston is HCOL, I get it, I’m relocating there eventually and currently work for a company in Needham. I was in grad school too, very recently.

  12. I love when people say this as if trans genocide isn't happening right now. Dude my existence can get me killed, MURDERED by the law in almost half of the world. Idk what you think genocide is but I'm pretty sure that classifies itself as genocide

  13. How many trans people were “MURDERED” last year in the US. I’ll tell you, it’s 32.

  14. Okay why are u bringing up cis male privilege bullshit when no one has mentioned anything about that lol.

  15. My guy - my point is that saying there’s a “genocide” against trans people is utterly ridiculous when they’re statistically one of the safest people in America. Are there some people saying some horrible things? Yes, I’m not denying that. But calling this a “genocide of trans people” is completely disconnected from reality.

  16. Unless you’re treating it like a vacation home where you go multiple times per year, to the point that the annual fees are offset by what you would normally be spending, don’t do it. They’re largely scams. The annual fees are far more than most people would be spending otherwise.

  17. This really bothers me. If you don't want families living in your homes, maybe you should find a different type of investment. And trust me, I'm far from a bleeding heart. I'm capitalist through and through, but I believe in adding value to society and to the market. Profit is a by-product of that.

  18. This post doesn’t sit right with me at all. OP is trying to figure out what would inconvenience the tenants the most to maximize profit. It feels gross. It’s also a bad analysis. You may have more wear and tear with a kid but tenants with kids are going to be there for longer, they’re less mobile. You’re going to have that rental income guaranteed for longer

  19. Genuinely curious here - have you considered you’re providing housing, shelter, a place to live in and not just a quick and easy asset to flip with the lowest effort possible? If you’re asking this sort of question, I genuinely question your morality. You are making a decision as to what would inconvenience your tenant the most.

  20. There are several times more foods and food items banned in America that are allowed in Europe than the reverse. The “but America is POISONING PEOPLE” list is maybe 6 things.

  21. Ok but what happens when rent goes up to $5000 a month in the major cities because Trudeau keeps bringing in all these foreigners are we have no housing for them? But your average salary only grows by 6% in that time. Then what do you do??? Best to leave now!

  22. The amount of people trying defend multiplicity using some low sample, p-hacked, uncorrected imaging study makes my teeth hurt. See it on TikTok a lot.

  23. “Here’s a study published in the Eastern Romanian Journal of Outlooks and Reports on Psychiatry and Neurobiology using a sample size of 4, zero corrections, zero regressors, non-matched samples, and shows some differences!!! You’re just a bigot for not believing us! No I can’t tell you what those differences mean or what would cause them or what they would cause, it’s definitive proof it exists!”

  24. Why do the people discarded and left to die and rot in the streets not care about you getting your sleepies in!? Outrageous stuff.

  25. Pretty much any disease oriented sub tbh. The moment you introduce a modicum of gate keeping beyond “any and all self diagnoses are completely legit, even an 8 year old saying they have ADHD is just as valid as MD diagnosis”, they’ll scream at you for being a classist shitbag.

  26. Does anyone know what happened to this guy? He is not on tiktok any longer and i couldnt find any info on him? I hope he is doing better…

  27. He lives in my city, I’ve seen him out and about once or twice, actually not recently though and all of his TikTok videos are pulled off the internet so I’m unsure.

  28. I'm not sure how many more times Link can be covered in an edible substance.

  29. Funnymemes has turned into incelmemes and boomermemes. Unsubbed a while ago.

  30. Clearly you think they are cannibals.

  31. My guy, I grew up receiving communion. No shit I know it’s symbolic. Just because it’s symbolic doesn’t mean it’s not true.

  32. Yes they do, 100%. Veneration of Mary is idolatry, it’s one of the major Protestant criticisms of Catholicism. In fact, Catholics have a long history of idolatry.

  33. 5 kids, all scientists. What are you the Private Ryan mom of science?

  34. This is quasi my family. My older sister is a professor with a PhD. I work in biotech/pharma with a PhD. My younger sister is a computer scientist. Parents are both teachers. Huge emphasis on education growing up.

  35. Not possible. Homeschoolers are all ignorant hillbilly Christian Q cultists who can't tie their own shoes. Source: Reddit

  36. Worth noting my parents actively make fun of home schoolers and have worked in public high schools for 20 odd years. Home schooling can be very, VERY hit or miss. None of the aforementioned people were ever homeschooled.

  37. Yeah subreddits like this are just for people to wallow in their misery and perpetuate the problem. It’s a positive feedback loop. I sympathize for people this miserable, I really do. But this isn’t going to help anyone.

  38. except people that care too much about fake internet points

  39. If you check incel subs or communities, they’ll introduce and fabricate insecurities just to drag each other down / rationalize wallowing in misery. Saw a post about a guy saying he’ll be forever alone, that he’ll fail at life, that everyone hates him, he’ll never be seen as a man, and he should just lie down and rot and all hope is lost because… he has thin wrists. That’s it. Thin wrists.

  40. California is a joke. The whole reparations thing is turning the state into a pure clown show.

  41. Longest session I did was 7 hours. Bring snacks, bring good headphones, podcasts, chargers, etc…. I took a break every 1.5h or so. Artist didn’t speak English and I didn’t speak Korean so no talking. I just kept listening to podcasts the whole time.

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