1. So according to Locker vision we only wear our City Jerseys for a total of 6 times and the dates are all far spread out

  2. can’t wait… the Raptors always perform so well when they play these random tip-off time games… 🙄

  3. FYI - Saturday’s game v. Dallas is the first ‘OVO - Welcome Toronto’ nights and will be the debut of the City jerseys.

  4. That's odd because there has been a TSN app for Xbox along with SN for a while...

  5. i know! there seems to be a TSN app for almost every service except Playstation.

  6. these are the stretches of the game where having so many injuries is a killer… that bench is looking mighty short when NN is looking for some kind of spark

  7. All four wheels over the line. Lap time deleted.

  8. exceeding track limits between 6 & 7. 🏴🏳️

  9. good opportunity for a W with Raps coming off several days rest, and the Nets playing second night of a back to back.

  10. Ruby SOHO was pretty great for F1 brunches, and they’re doing World Cup games too.

  11. Nothing will ever, can ever, change Trudeaus biggest mistake. He used the act, before even making the slightest effort to be a prime minister and try dialogue with the leadership of the group.

  12. Who let this shit eating baby make decisions for all of us?

  13. TSNs streaming services are really really shitty.

  14. Terrance Davis so skilled at laying down a good beating.

  15. This garment was designed in collaboration between Indigenous artist Mike Ivall, Casey Bannerman, and Fred Van Vleet. The reimagined Toronto classic is done in a Woodland Art style, and features the Ojibwe word for "North" - "Giiwedin". Proceeds from sales support The Orange Shirt Society in honour of National Day of Truth and Reconciliation. We hope that when you wear this piece it inspires reflection and conversation. To learn more visit orangeshirtday.org.

  16. Biggest what ifs are Vince hitting that game 7 winner vs Sixers in 2001 and Kawhi resigning after the championship.

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