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  1. Lol I’m confused at everyone that wasn’t a virgin when they had a vaginal ultrasound commenting about the pain…

  2. Don’t get me wrong - he’s gross for having an affair and terrible. But I hate this public confessional type thing as if to save her own image. He has a wife and kids, you had an affair with a married man - you’re not innocent here and now you’re pouring salt in the wound by publicly humiliating a pregnant woman. And probably blindsiding her. Seriously?!

  3. She wasn’t saying she was innocent. The ONLY reason why she came out with this is cuz one of her friends were trying to make money off of tabloids

  4. You need to find another “top choice” and she’s gonna have to consider YOU her top choice as well.

  5. I think it’s sweet that he was thinking about how much he loves you while the stripper’s ass was grinding on his junk.

  6. Lol are you actually trying to get married or just date as many great women as possible where some of them get their hearts broken….cuz that’s what it sounds like to me.

  7. wow, these comments really make me sad. I can only guess all these guys commenting on this funny lad are either jealous of his happy life, or just want a reason to hate on a girl.

  8. Yeah I didn’t not get some of these comments. They are dumb.

  9. Lol are some of y’all just getting on the internet or something???

  10. There are tons of dudes that don’t listen, too impatient, or simply don’t care enough to learn a womens body.

  11. I almost stopped reading after seeing point 10 (charismatic Christian)

  12. Coffee meet bagel was the only dating site that seemed like there were quality people on there…

  13. For me personally….I don’t see many Indian guys wanting women other than Indian.

  14. Still not a good look, lol. Especially when your parents, who raise you, don’t talk that way.

  15. Black women here…..not every white persons parents are prim and proper.

  16. You also said “still not a good look” if a white guy acts a certain way even if growing up in the hood is all he knows which is a tad bit ignorant.

  17. I'mblack i guess im the main type the men go for as my husband is Italian and fine as hell so carry on i just didn't like her putting herself down

  18. Hey you probably are yo. that’s GREAT. there’s nothing wrong with accurately knowing where you stand when it comes to “beauty standards”

  19. Wow I guess I've never heard a woman especially a black woman say things like that about themselves what makes you think your not preferred with that mind set you have smh

  20. Lol then maybe you only hang out with a certain group of black women or possibly even delusional…

  21. I have 2…possibly 3. Lol I can’t decide if I care about ppl knowing what the 3rd one is.

  22. Stopped reading after the TI;dr when you said she’s more poly and you’re not.

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