1. How does the instate tuition after 1 year work? Do you apply for it or is it guaranteed?

  2. thanks all for the posts. to answer some posts:

  3. If you can afford a used gt3 manual you really can’t buy anything else that has a better driving experience. I say get a 911 now and if you want sell it in the future (with minimal depreciation) and get a C8 Z06 when they are readily available

  4. Bro what in the rural Kansas is that outfit

  5. No, that’s cringe. Post your white coat ceremony the bitches love it

  6. A lot of obvious things going on here. I know several jiu jitsu guys who are left-leaning and they don’t like conceal carry for political reasons.

  7. I also have 7 interviews. God is great

  8. Being Hialeah, I bet the confrontation had nothing to do with Rubio or De Santis flyers.

  9. While certainly a possibility, this is speculation. I will add that if he was wearing Biden, AOC, or Charlie Crist attire and this happened the media reaction would like be 10X as much

  10. Just because it’s “way more believable” doesn’t justify a dramatic increase in media coverage. I agree incidents like these should not be used for political gain

  11. 3 years and done it’s a no-brainer

  12. Florida resident here, I have 6 interviews so far but unfortunately ZERO are in-state

  13. i’ve been dying waiting for SOMETHING from UF or NOVA lmao

  14. I don’t know why I haven’t seen this answer yet, but BURGERFI is the spot and it’s similar to in & out

  15. 33rd OEM mag runs great only for range use obviously. All you have to do is trim down the plastic until it fits properly. It does not jam and someone said it falls apart but that’s not true if you do it right I’m about 2500 rounds thru it. Purchased here:

  16. I also have a 1.8t and I don’t think I’m considering a dsg swap after seeing this

  17. Oh this had absolutely nothing to do with the dsg swap. My turbo failed which started this whole fire

  18. Gotchu, I guess that makes sense since it looks like an engine fire.

  19. VCU apparently will make people wear masks.

  20. They gave us basically KN95 masks and didn’t let us take it off from 8am till 4pm and some faculty actually yelled at students who didn’t have it over the nose (no patients were nearby)

  21. Love the black and gray setup 👌🏼 Btw where’d you get your front lip from? Gotta grab one for mine

  22. Stock wheels, painted and changed center caps. Car is a 2016 1.8t Sport

  23. I wear a Fanny pack either around my chest/shoulder or around my waist

  24. This may sound like unorthodox advice but don’t prepare much at all. The only thing I prepared going into interviews was “why dentistry?” The more authentic and non-robotic you sound during your interview, the better

  25. Don’t carry in schools, stadiums, airports, post office, etc.

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