1. Strange that it took this long for a largescale AAA game to be made, the last mainline book came out 16[!] years ago and nothing but bad things have happened to the series since then haha, The Fantastic Beasts movies, that weird followup play, JK Rowling's... everything. It's amazing how long a property can coast on nothing but nostalgia while being under siege by its creator and other forces. [Excluding the Theme Park, which is awesome.]

  2. They had that pokemon go clone a while ago, but even then I was like "uhh, maybe it's best to not give JK any more money."

  3. Want to work at big companies (large headcount, don't necessarily mean FAANG), but I'm getting some slight vibes in interviews that they're worried about me not having experience previously working at big companies.

  4. Weird thing was I just finished interviewing at a place, and everything online said they'd always ask "why do you want to work here, specifically?" and I NEVER GOT ASKED THAT QUESTION,

  5. The sexism when I was in IT mostly showed up in my paycheck. It was incredibly stressful for me but also I have adhd and autism so constant communication with people in need of help and watching me fix issues caused alot of that

  6. This was me at my last position, getting constantly denied promotions for extremely vague reasons while multiple boys were getting yearly title bumps.

  7. When you make $300k-500k annually, the concept of "HCOL" doesn't really matter anymore.

  8. Heck, 200k in a VHCOL area is more than enough for me to feel stable unless I get a bug to buy a large house.

  9. You should start looking for a job change now. I was in a similar situation and was later fired because the company couldn't pay us anymore. The whole tech team was fired and 6 month later the company went under. Its better to leave before as you dont get much stress and you have time on your hand to prepare which i didnt get. I get that you like the team and company but when it will go under it will be everyone for themselves.

  10. Too late now I guess, but if you're interviewing or whatever, you were "laid off" because the company had financial issues, not "fired." (which generally implies it was your fault you were let go.)

  11. Well, at least you and your wife have something to agree about now.

  12. I wanna write a bot that replicates the 60fps vs 30fps+4k circle jerk, will get it done right after I finish the one for tip culture.

  13. I'd argue that things that the "company doesn't require you to do" covers a lot of things that you still need to do to keep up a career in tech: internal/external networking, continuing education, leetcode/interview prep, etc.

  14. Ok I removed that. I find it hard to work 5 6 hours. I don't understand ppl who are doing 8+

  15. The worst places I’ve ever worked were small businesses. No HR or corporate to report things to. No benefits. Wage theft is rampant. Just someone with an over inflated ego because they’re a “small business owner” and your manager is their entitled lazy kid who does nothing.

  16. Something I've realized about small businesses: back when I was younger it was sold as "being your own boss" which sounded cool because I'd love to be able to sleep in if I wanted, but I think some people want to "be their own boss" because it lets them do things like fire the HR person because she told them that they can't sexually harass the highschool interns.

  17. Reading your post it’s quite hard to tell whether:

  18. One thing OP could do is to have lunch with multiple coworkers, just to test how the guys react to that.

  19. NTA Men can care for children as well as women can, even if some posters here are stuck in the 50s. If you tried to, idk, push to see him throughout the summer because "men can BBQ better than women" it'd be just as weird of a request.

  20. Take up hiking/going on long walks? I've found that I need to spend a few hours outdoors every weekend to counteract staring at a screen (or other close up thing, like books or cooking) for a huge amount of my waking life.

  21. Company 1 is giving you a very generous timeline already. That kind of patience is really rare. I wouldn't tell them that you need more time, or that you're talking to Company 2 unless you have an offer from Company 2. What I would do is take the full time they give you before giving a response.

  22. Maybe I'm just in a different area than you, but a one week deadline feels closer to an exploding offer than being generous.

  23. Thanks for the feedback - where are you getting the 132K number from though?

  24. Also just as another bit of feedback, it's kind of weird to request a cover letter and contact info for references in the initial application.

  25. shh, you can't point out that redditors are fine with funding homophobia as long as they can benefit from it. It'll distract them from upvoting that meme about companies having a pride flag on all their twitter accounts except for the middle east and russia.

  26. Oh hey, I just tried it for mine, it took 20 minutes to go from 5% to 11%, but then it seems to be working now.

  27. Well my last place started mandating it after some juniors bragged to one of the cofounders about being able to do very little work during some team building drinking thing. Of course they didn't do much work in the office either and kind of turned it into a toxic mess.

  28. Any advice for how to answer the whole "why do you want to work here" question?

  29. Prime shipping is no longer 2-days. It's easily 5-10 days.

  30. Completely agree, 4 of the last 5 things I bought through amazon are the wrong item, even one that was "shipped and sold by amazon," but the fine article's talking about the rain forest. :o

  31. Well Twitter probably has less than 300 people by now, too.

  32. Odd Months: Don't buy anything except for food and other essentials

  33. If you include Kotlin and Scala in with the Java counts then it's above C++.

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