1. I mean the man has been fan of them from the from the jump it doesn’t make is opinion any less valid if he didn’t like Family or TM

  2. They’ll slide by because gent and deedz are insane but I really think Nick is noticeably worse than them. If he didn’t have the following he does there’s no way either of them would’ve played with him long term and he wouldn’t even be sniffing the pro league.

  3. This team is doing better than some tier 1 orgs. Looking at you SEN G2

  4. Bro that was the most confident swing I have seen from nick the fact that he down some else before get 3 ped was crazy

  5. Just my personal opinion but bending and fighting got a lot slower in LOK imo. Not saying that I don't like it. It's an amazing show but the moving/fighting in ATLA just feels "better" for me

  6. I agree actually, I have trouble finding fights in Korra that hype me up as much as fights in TLA and it’s kind of a bummer.

  7. Oh you didn’t get Hype between Suyin and Kuvira fight in Operation Beifong that was pretty sick or the first time Korra was facing the Chi blockers

  8. Just go on Ticketmaster but I think they only got standing seats left

  9. Ok great minds think alike was plan on doing the same thing

  10. I never bought Zaheer as a convincing villain despite how dangerous his ideology is he's still a nonbender which are going to go down pretty easily to any master bender Ghazan is dangerous sure but that's cause lava bending is overpowered and was terribly executed. I would buy it if Zaheer were a smart charismatic person who got powerful benders to follow him and that's what made him dangerous. But all of a sudden he is highly proficient with an ability he basically gained over night. Not to mention his evil plan was terribly planned anarchy creates a power vacuum for someone worse to fill and that's exactly what happened and he somehow did not expect that to happen. I really don't get why people think he's such a well written villain.

  11. Convincing, sure I can give you that. But sinister enough to kill the queen and almost kill korra and pretty change the political landscape of ba sing sa is pretty high up there when it comes to villains. Became a deadly bender in less than a few weeks. Dude has talent across the board. Not perfect since he was losing to tenzin but overall a fun villain to watch. Also this is same man who study air bending history and explore teaching from monks as well. It’s not super surprising that he was well proficient in air bending. Give him a solid 2 years could have been a master.

  12. Yet it kinda doesn't make sense to lock benders in a cage. They'll get out of it in no time

  13. He wasn’t a bender when he first got there. He got air bending from harmonic convergence

  14. I agree, and it's one reason why I'm skeptical of a live action remake. I'm just personally really skeptical that bending can look good in live action.

  15. I think for the Fire and Water the color design would have be heavily saturated when shown in light for it to be shown clearly and based off the movement of can replicate a huge attack or small one. If setting of show isn’t super bright then they really have a great VFX team really capture design of bending.

  16. Red lotus. One of the most deadly groups in the entire universe and has some of the most unique bending as well.

  17. Actual Native American (Mescalero Apache) here ✌🏽

  18. Not be rude but more of just asking out curiosity is does he not have any real Native American heritage or is just not the right skin tone of his descent.

  19. Absolutely fucking not. Bumi wipes the floor with kuvira and her entire army

  20. Yeah I agree with. Three masterful bloodbenders without full moon are extremely hard to beat.

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