1. I think Andy Brickley is one of the best color commentators in the NHL

  2. If every Avs fan repeating it 50 times didnt make it clear: The Avs might have had 1 or 2 injured players

  3. Georgiev isn’t a right hand catcher, Brick knows too but i think hes tired of correcting Jack at this point

  4. Imagine packing someone worth 800k and calling it a punch in the face

  5. Thats Craig “Calling a black player in his 3rd NHL game a monkey” Berube for you

  6. You’re right, Berube’s apology of “I had no racist intent” was amazing, and we should move on and talk about how bright he is because he has a cup to his name

  7. Bruins won the cup, Sharks didn't. So who really "won" the greatest trade in Sharks history

  8. Regardless of winning a cup or not, it’s still awful asset management

  9. Poland now forced to do the one thing they can’t; put two passes together and not park the bus

  10. Its funny how hockey works. Hall-Pasta was great last year. Hall-Krejch was great the year before, but Hall-Krejch-Pasta? Nah


  12. You know what the saddest thing would be? Imagine if Stamkos scores or gets an assist in garbage time with 5 seconds left and the whole team pours on for his 1000th career point. Wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy

  13. I heard a lot of Devils fans say that missing opening wide open nets is Zachas thing. Didn’t believe them. Wish i did now.

  14. I love that no one is safe during a Jack Edwards broadcast

  15. Because why the fuck should he be in playing much harder competition for, hear me out, the same rewards

  16. much harder competition, do you know what sbmm means?

  17. Nothing like posting a tweet from twitter about something that happened with no video

  18. Maybe they should have focused on football

  19. if Argentina wins their group, their path looks pretty calm. Denmark/Australia in the round of 16 and then the winner of Netherlands/Iran or USA or Wales.

  20. How the fuck is someone who isn’t an extremely biased bruins fan ranking the Atlantic like that?

  21. Saw boston at the top and immediately recognized the troll post. Good one lol

  22. Better than jfresh having the bruins winning the division!

  23. Igor Shesterkin taking a page out of the Jack Campbell book

  24. Never forget that Greg Wyshynski is such a homer that he picked the Devils to finish third in the division despite this goaltending situation. Absolutely hilarious

  25. Fucking hell Ronaldo we told you not to practice free kicks

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