brendan fraser moved to tears as he receives a 6 minute standing ovation during the premiere of 'the whale'

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  1. Could’ve been misinterpreted in editing.

  2. He's saying a lot of nothing. I don't know how that scene could've been misinterpreted. He pulled out eye drops then proceeded to use them and act like he was crying or emotional. I have a VERY hard time believing he was just using eye drops for his super dry eyes or something.

  3. I don’t think he’s saying “a lot of nothing”, I think some things make for good television and outrage is one of them. I think he’s contractually not able to say one way or another what actually happened.

  4. I came here to say that Matt definitely has some mighty domestic abuse red flags. Reading the other comments, I’m obviously not the only one who recognizes this. At the end of Episode 5, the way he verbally attacked her and spoke down to her, as a domestic abuse survivor it was very triggering. I’m afraid it’s only the beginning and he’s going to escalate. Colleen seems so desperate to have someone, anyone, I’m not sure she’ll have the sense to walk away.

  5. I’ll be on shortly I’d love to check it out!

  6. FYLWM. I’m afk. Celeste is on the top cliff. Hopefully it doesn’t disconnect while I’m away!

  7. Kiki is the best! I definitely got her on accident the first time I played ACNH. I had visited another island and talked to her, didn’t know but apparently she was thinking of leaving. The next day she was on my island! She quickly became my favorite villager and was the first to give me her photo! After a year of ACNH, I had to sell my Switch because I was furloughed due to the pandemic. I didn’t know at the time that I could upload my island. I lost everything. Fast forward to now, my boyfriend bought me a new Switch and a stranger donated 300 nmt towards my quest to find Kiki. I found her again! She’s just as adorable and honestly I missed her so much.

  8. I have limited experience with Nookazon but I’ve found it very helpful in getting specific villagers! I had 300 nmt and was going from island to island trying to find Kiki. Someone told me about Nookazon and I didn’t mind at all giving 150 nmt for her. I also got Chrissy the same way.

  9. Eyes says it all your mid 30 hair says you want to be young again but if I’d say your 34

  10. Uuugghh, that gross hippo is also my first campsite villager! I’m still so angry about it. He has been there for 2 weeks now and I refuse to interact with him. I have my house, and the houses of every other villager, on one side of the island. They’re all in a little neighborhood. As soon as I walked into that campsite and saw him, I built his house all the way across the island and beside a cliff.

  11. He’s just so wholesome. He deserves it all. 💕

  12. Seconding this as it is wonderfully laid out. Learning to manage your own reactions is so key. Kids are unpredictable so educating yourself is good but also you truly cannot prepare for what you don't know. I prepped for all the things I intellectually knew I wanted to not do with my kid but there is a whine my son does when he is ill that triggers my body/mind/soul in a way I could never have planned for. We are so often in survival mode and high functioning growing up how we did, we can like not even know what we don't know about our feelings.

  13. I love this. Thank you. As one of the single parents who comes from an emotionally, mentally, and physically abusive childhood; the number of times I’ve been triggered by my child makes me feel terrible. Like you, I thought I was mostly prepared with understanding of how I didn’t want to treat my child. And for the most part, I’m good about checking myself and being the mother I needed when I was a kid. I’m very careful of how I speak to them and how I show I’m listening. However, watching the reactive responses is something I’ve had to teach myself. I had no preparation for that. I find myself responding with what sounds like criticism or even frustration whenever they’re doing something that could put them in harms way and I’m panicking. Because of the C-PTSD from trauma, I also suffer from sensory processing disorder, and it took me far longer than it should have to learn about “adult time out”, where I have to walk from the situation away before reacting.

  14. I had no idea that exists but.. gross.

  15. Hairspray! Or you can get a dry erase marker and color over it, then wipe it up.

  16. When my boyfriend stretches after work (he works remotely), his shirt comes up from the bottom and his lower abdomen and groin shows. It’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. And I get to see it at least once a day.

  17. I've seen a fox in my neighborhood twice in the last month. It's amazing!

  18. Is a grilled cheese made out of pepper jack cheese also a melt? Pimentos are peppers.

  19. In my opinion, the cheap boxed mac and cheese tastes better than the more expensive mac and cheese.

  20. To save a relationship. Spoiler alert: it will not.

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