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  1. What is Outlandish Companion volume 3?

  2. I agree that many of the cast and crew would be ready to move on at this point. I am honestly very grateful that they agreed to stay longer to give us S8. Plus, no one really knows when book 10 will come out. Judge by book 9, it could take DG another 10 years or more. Do you really expect everyone just standby and wait for that to happen?

  3. No, definitely not stand by! The producers didn’t stand by with Game of Thrones. I’m just surprised Outlander isn’t doing the same as Game of Thrones… finishing it all the way through. Even though the final book isn’t written they still know the ending.

  4. God of War Ragnarok! It’s so damn good the storyline is amazing

  5. Lmao, Taylor has no idea about the cost of egg crisis.

  6. That’s because she’s rich. She doesn’t have a clue how the rest of America can barely afford to pay for their groceries aka eggs.

  7. That’s because she’s rich. She doesn’t have a clue how the rest of America can barely afford to pay for their groceries aka eggs.

  8. I had no idea Costco was in Canada. Only thought it was in ‘Merica

  9. It is the most amazing hike ever :) You wouldn't feel tired, just happy.

  10. What beach is this?! It’s stunning! What is the name of the hiking trail?

  11. With complete respect, why do you need to pump ? Aren't you travelling with the baby so isn't it an on-demand situation ?

  12. Completely inconsiderate question. Some women exclusively pump for a number of reasons, some women exclusively nurse for a number of reasons, and every single woman’s breastfeeding journey is different.

  13. Hence why we also considered the new Ritz. We were closest to booking that one actually, however the ports didn’t really appeal to us. Maybe next year somewhere in the Mediterranean or Alaska as I noticed there isint much variety to luxury cruises in this area.

  14. You should look into Icon Of The Seas. Largest cruise ship in the world.

  15. I worked for one of the biggest river cruise companies in europe, if not the biggest.

  16. I’m going on a cruise in two days to the Bahamas. On my reservation it states “Crew Appreciation Included $203” so I paid $203 that the crew will never see???

  17. Skrillex looks like Kit Harrington going as Drake for Halloween

  18. I can see why the universe decided to wait until 1989 to bring me to this earth. I would’ve caused a ruckus in 1938!

  19. Free? That's easy. Royal Caribbean's Ultimate World Cruise. 274 nights on the Serenade of the Seas.

  20. How is her grass so green?!? Like… for real what’s her secret?

  21. I like the short jog and the silence cause sometimes the game gets intense and I need that moment of silence 😂

  22. Really cool! I can only imagine what ships will look like fifty years from now

  23. Did Pedro Pascal and Lena Headey actually date? I lean towards yes especially since they were so so close but after she got back with her ex he like disappeared from her life…seems like a messy breakup but idk.

  24. Absolutely agree, I'm in Edinburgh 😋

  25. What part of Edinburgh is a great place to live if you’re raising a family?

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