1. we're stuck man, wee neeed heeeelpppp

  2. 1.) Click CD for Lurple which is "SHELF" 2.) Find the Key on the Shelf, which is one lock on the briefcase. Combination for lock is Meteoras release date 032403. 3.) Briefcase contained the USB needed for the computer to reboot and is now "working on updates"

  3. How did you get the key to open the lockbox?

  4. from a redditor's post, scroll down and you should be able to find it

  5. found it from a redditor's post. Scroll down and you should be able to get it, but do it fast before it gets lost

  6. a redditor posted a link which gives you a gold key and that unlocks a few more clickable items

  7. yes obtained it, its night 2AM here and I have an exam tomorrow lmao. Yet I gonna crack this haha. Wish us luck and gn

  8. Na, i am from bangladesh actually. A time difference of 30 mins only hehe

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