1. “Before there was a shortage…”. Is there a shortage right now?!

  2. Yep. CVS and Walgreens are limiting how much kids meds you can buy.

  3. Ohhhh children’s medicine ok. I thought you meant in general and I got worried

  4. No, just kids at least for now. I have recently stocked up on adult stuff too

  5. There were posters all over our local coffee shop this morning from the local credit union— “Holiday Bucks! Apply now!*”

  6. Yeah having been in banking and seen what unsecured loans can go for, people should be jumping on that offer if they need money haha

  7. I just came on here to ask the same question because I was looking at the same heater. The K&H heater seemed like the best choice out of the 3 different types of heaters I saw so it would be great if someone with one answered.

  8. I bought it. If I ordered it soon enough it would arrive tomorrow. Seems like one of the better ones out there..

  9. yeah it’s not very hot, they should be able to touch it if they wish. i got a bird safe space heater that works well.

  10. Thanks! More concerned if it's hot enough if they are not touching. It would be close so I imagine it would generate some heat for them.

  11. Using graph paper definitely did not help you draw straight lines 😂

  12. thesaker.is thegrayzone.com counterpunch.com rt.com telesurenglish.net mondoweiss.net

  13. Yep agreed! I always try to watch and read against my biases. You know the truth is at least what everyone is saying beyond that you need to work to find the truth.

  14. I've heard people mention Al Jazeera recently too. Thanks for your confirmation.

  15. If the US grid is down for 1 year the US Gov't est 90% death rate.

  16. So I heard that but I think that was specific to an EMP attack which I would say if different from a cyber attack on the grid.

  17. Good thing you clarified because I bet Russia would go after the grid assuming it was all one not try to go after them individually at the same time to have maximum impact.

  18. thanks will check them out. I just really want to try to make rodizio style Picanha for the family.

  19. I've done the picanha on my only fire and you will love it. If you're getting that spend up a little bit and get the one with the pizza oven as well.

  20. Any chance you have a link for that?

  21. I don't sorry. Basically SPG, I used Kinders. Put it on the rotisserie and take it to your desired divested doneness.

  22. Full pork loins are too big so I did half. This is the recipe I used.

  23. Which is why each party will exercise restraint in its retaliation.

  24. You are assuming Putin is acting in a logical fashion, which he may be but I'm not sure he is. It's up for debate.

  25. I didn't say he was, I suggested he might be and said it's up for debate. You could be right. I don't know if anyone can say with certainty what is going on over there. It's certainly less than optimal, that's for sure

  26. NJ here, after the driveway the next thing that gets shoveled is a path to the grill and smoker.

  27. I've used this for cold smoking cheese. I'd suggest starting there if cold smoking

  28. I agree and I think esp in his mind letting one rip over to the US is about the same percentage of one going off in the Ukraine. We are essentially in a proxy war and not hiding any of it and he has said about as much.

  29. It's extraordinarily unlikely he'd be able to hit the US, even in the extremely unlikely event that he'd try to. When it comes to missile defense systems, distance = time, so there'd be relatively a lot of time to intercept anything.

  30. You won't see me argue any of that. I prefer your position over mine.

  31. I've used peach wood recently and I have some pimento wood waiting to do some jerk chicken.

  32. Ice been looking for allspice /Pimento wood. Where did you source yours? Ebay?

  33. I normally take it out of the plastic. And throw away the spice packet.

  34. You'd be surprised with the bark you get if you keep the plastic on.

  35. That actually seems pretty reasonable. I've seen them on Walmart.com for around that price on sale.

  36. No one can seem to give me a good answer on if they are food grade plastic so I think I'm going to pass and look for something that is a good food grade

  37. I did. Haven't heard back. The website leads me to believe it's not food grade. I'll wait to see because if it is, it appears the price is good.

  38. Start with what you will eat. If you won't eat canned tomatoes or pickles then why waste the time and money canning them.

  39. I am all about buying meat on sale (hence my name, I enjoy smoking meat) and there is a higher level of practicality from a financial and storage aspect with meat/meals than vegetables and jams. I still may take a dry run on some of that stuff but I want to do what we will eat, not can for the sake of canning and then never use it. Thanks!

  40. Oh, hello fellow smoker - one of my favorite things to put up in the pressure canner is smoked duck stock. Or any smoked bones turned into stock. It doesn’t always have to be big batches of practical stuff lol and stock is so easy.

  41. Thanks for the ideas!Haven't smoked duck yet but it's on the radar lol

  42. In all cases you need trends to validate individual occurrences. While this is great and maybe a start it's a long way from calling anything solar powered reliable.

  43. Chicken thighs are great and super easy. Love all the other stuff but the simplicity of thighs and flavor is great.

  44. Ok, here we go. Stick with me since I am giving lots of details. TL/DR at the bottom.

  45. I think RIGHT NOW the stock up on food mentality is more about beating inflation than scarcity. At least for now.

  46. That's my driver but in the back of my mind it's a simultaneous hedge against shortages. Many, including myself, prior to COVID didn't realize so much of our lifestyle was built on a house of cards. I see that now and I'm doing my best to prepare accordingly.

  47. Nothing but did some chicken thigh with hatch chile peppers yesterday

  48. When Costco has their butts on sale I buy them, smoke them, vacuum reseal in 1lb increments and freeze. Usually get 8-10 meals out if it and probably just over $1/lb. Totally worth it. Do the same with the pork loins. With those I cut them in half, vacuum seal and freeze. Each half is a meal or two.

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